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Little Luna

cindi o'h

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Here is the deal. Ya gotta have fun. A few of you know about this already. And I am telling the rest of ya.

Well. You know that Haylee's momma kitty gave birth to a set of unidentical quints. (maybe more than one mailman?) That's really neither here nor there...

I was smitten with those kittens right off the bat. And I know there were others too. But. I kept bugging Haylee and she sent some really cute pictures of them via email. They were much larger and clearer than her avatar. And I oooo'd and aaahhhh'd and kissed the computer screen. Too cute!

We went back and forth a bit talking by pm. I would love to have a kitty in the mailbox or UPS. And I would take a kitty if I weren't allergic to the little things. (When Tim goes to kitty heaven, that will be it for me)

But, I can't take a kitty with my asthma the way it is on top of lc. So. Haylee and her girls came up with a plan. They said that I could pick out a kitty and they would keep that one and raise her for me and send me updates of pictures and news!! How do you like that??? A real cyber kitty!

Of my very own! I even get to name her.

I was particularly taken with this one that has a half black face and half orange tabby face...right down the middle. Then she has a white chest and she is just sooo cute! All the others are too, so it was a tough decision for me. I thought about the name, Luna, like the moon, as she has a half moon face. What do you all think about that name? And what about Haylee's method of extended generosity? Sweet, huh?

You guys are the best! This is a cool group. I have met the most wonderful people through this board. Awwwww. Haylee's girls are sweet to be a part of this too.

Amidst all the turmoil there is continued joy. Little Luna. Haylee and her girls.


Cindi o'h

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What a wonderful idea - my little one will be so jealous - she loves cats and is the only one in the family not allergic so she can't have one. We have been following the avatar updates and everyday she asks me to see the baby kitties.

Cindi - I know you will love Luna with all of your big, big heart. Thank you for sharing the new member of your family!!!!1

Much Love,


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Luna is perfect, it speaks to the mysterious, just like cats seem to have a little extra sixth sense. You can send her presents. They can help her write you little notes, just like when you adopt a child through the mail. Hope you and Haylee don't have a falling out, you might end up having to send cat support, ha. Lovely idea. Margaret

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I opened an email from Haylee this morning. She agrees on her new name and said that she likes it. So. Luna it is. She said that Kelly her older daughter is working on a web page so that everyone will be able to share in her progress! How about that Amy P?

There is that 5 year old little girl in me...the one with the missing front tooth, freckles and sticky up hair. The one that still squeals at the sight of kittens.. I just want to squeeze them!

cindi o'h

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What a wonderful idea!!! I have four cats and two little dachshunds. If anyone else would like to have a cyber pet, I am more than willing to share. Also, I think the name Luna is just wonderful!

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What a feel-good story!! Hey.....we have cyberfriends, why not a cyberpet? Haylee...you and your girls are wonderful to fulfill this for Cindi!!

And Luna is a great name. I love the webpage idea...and your choice too

Cin....sounds like some Torty in that cat? I too, love the black/orange harlequin faces on Torties.

We cannot have cats here either....or haven't tried for years, due to hubby's childhood asthma issues. Last time we had a cat, hubby could't breath. We rehomed the cat thru our vet...and it turned out YEARS later, our youngest son played football with the son of the family who took Meatball (that was our name for him...they renamed him. Something sorta mundane...cannot recall. :roll: )

Anyway, we went to one of the football team's spagetti dinners at their house and got to see Meatball again....some 10 yrs later! He was fat and happy....but didn't remember us. :( I didn't expect him to....but WANTED him too....you know? :wink:

Enjoy your cyberkitty!! What a grand idea.

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What a heartwarming story!!! Cindi, I hope you will always be that 5 year old little girl, she is delightful. What a kind thing for Haylee and the girls to do and I can hardly wait to see the web page. Luna , is it? I love that name , as well. This is just the kind of warm and fuzzy story I needed to read today.. :wink: Looking forward to the continuing story.


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