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Puppies (Off the subject)


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I have new neighbors. The former neighbor lived there

for 18 yrs.. She had a dog, never came into my yard.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals. I have Jake, my two yr

old long hair yellow and & white cat I rescued from the pound

five months ago. My other kitty (9yrs)died a year ago (Ragdoll kitty.)

I also had a Silky Terrier (12yrs) died Oct 2003. Back to

puppies, they have mamma Lily (chiuhaua sp?) and babies

(1 boy, 1 girl) keep coming through hole they dug under fence.

I have taken these babies home THREE x's now. Told

neighbors, I love their babies, but, I have a POOL. You guessed

it babies were in the pool this AM (7AM) screaming their little heads

off. Pool is freezing cold, I went out and rescued them and the

mama (Lily) was going crazy trying to bite me. They would have

drowned had I not been home. I brought them in , wrapped each in a towel and turned on the blow dryer. They were so cold. All of a sudden

my door bell rings, it's the neighbor wanting their puppies.

I said NO. What would you have done?

Thanks, Karen

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Andrea is probably a better source of info. than I am - and she will tell you she is not offering legal advice. I'm not even an attorney. I'm a dog lover with many, many years of experience with dogs and neighborhoods.

1. I think the puppies are the property of the neighbors. Stealing comes to mind.

2. I think the neighbors are abusing the puppies in allowing them to get loose and get onto your property/into your pool. Try calling animal control. Either report the puppies as strays or neglected dogs.

3. But then, just how are they getting into your pool? Is there a fence. Can you put something around the bottom of the fence so they can't slip under it?

Good luck. This is a sticky problem.

Muriel K

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Well as for what I would have done, let's just say I would not have jumped in freezing cold water for a rescue :) My husband and my in-laws would have done what you did and dove right in. However, I know my mom would not have, and 50-50 on whether my dad would have. But that is besides the point :P

Legally I have no clue (funny thing about attorneys, we are not like doctors who have to know a little bit of everything, our knowledge is very limited :) ) BUT......my thoughts are the same as Muriel. I would think it is stealing not to give them back.

I would recommend calling animal control and even filing a nuisance complaint. Here are links on how to do that in Orange County, I think you are San Bernardino County but I bet OC can lead you in the right direction.



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Thanks for your thoughts and what you would do.

I greatly appreciate your response. I can't see

how it would be stealing.

1. They were on my property. I have taken

them home three x's already. I could have

kept them then and they wouldn't know where

the puppies went. My neighbor across the street

has pulled them out of the street a couple of times.

2. I did call animal control before they

knocked on my door. I was going to turn

the puppies over to AC. They are just not

very responsible people, they sent the kids over

to get the puppies. They have 6 children too.

3. The fence around my pool is less than a year old.

I have lived in my home for 18yrs.

The mom dog is a digger.

Thanks for your thoughts and help. Appreciated...

Andrea, I'm in Riverside County.

At least this takes our mind off of LC... :lol:

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I am the stupidest person in the world, of course I know it is Riverside County! My mom worked in Corona and it is right next to where my parents live in Anaheim Hills. Oh my gosh, work is sizzling out brain cells!!

I would think it is stealing because the puppies are most likely licensed to them and owned by them. Sort of like real babies, it would be stealing if a human baby kept coming over and you kept it.

What did animal control say? You can file a formal complaint.

They also sell things at PetSmart where you can put by your fence and it transmits a slight shock, it is NOT harmful to the dog--they make those devices for that particular purpose, so dogs dont go where they shouldn't. Perhaps you can suggest your neighbor buy it.

http://www.petsmart.com/global/product_ ... 9205697302

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I believe it would be stealing because you KNOW where the puppies "belong". If you know they are from the neighbor's house, and you are not returning them when they ask for them, I think it would be considered stealing - and with the worth of pedigreed dogs, could be considered grand theft, possibly. Report them as nuisances, call animal control or take them to the pound yourself - and realize that you will be neighbors with these people until one of you moves. This little "run-in" could lead to six kids (and/or their parents) who mysteriously begin throwing rocks around your windows, pee in your front yard, poison your pets, etc.

I think the fence around your pool is all that you need to do, it's their responsibility to keep their "property" from harm.

...as for rescuing the little babies, remember that no good deed goes unpunished. (Real World Lesson #32)

What a wonderful can of worms the neighbors left open in your yard...

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The puppies are only 6 weeks old and not licensed. They wanted to

give one of the puppies to me a few days ago. I said no thanks.

They said none of the animals are licensed, no

shots or been dewormed. Animal control gave them a warning and

paperwork on how to get the dogs licensed. These people

moved here from Orange County. (Santa Ana.)

Andrea, thanks for your help and suggestions...

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I would probably have done the same. But that doesnt mean I think its is legal or even OK. I have to put myself in the neighbors shoes. Knowing now tho that the puppies are not registered and they have offered you one. Hummmmm

What did they say when you told them No? Are you planning to keep these critters yourself? Tough call especially if you are a doggie lover as I am.

Good luck, just dont get yourself thrown in the slammer!!


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Well, a day has passed and no puppies in my

back yard. I guess it worked calling AC. The neighbors

wouldn't listen to me. The only reason I don't

have puppies in my yard is, now it's money out of

their pocket and they don't want to be reported again.

I just didn't want them to drown. I don't want to see anyone get into



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What a wonderful soul you are for rescuing those puppies! You know, there are so many irresponsible pet owners around today. They think it's cute to just "throw" two dogs together in the back yard and then see the cute little puppies. Often, they have no papers for the parents and no money to provide proper care for the parents or the puppies. I have really great advice for you, but I do want you to know that I admire you for rescuing the puppies. You need to find some solution, as the puppies will learn the digging routine from their mama and you'll have constant visitors. The that used to live across from me had two pit bulls and they saw no problem with allowing them to roam the neighborhood. The dogs had attitudes, not because of their breed, but because of their treatment. They were tied up in the garage most of the time and the owners were rarely home. So, the dogs would get out and search for food throughout the neighborhood. Animal Control was called by several of the neighbors but it took many trips out before they took the dogs away. I think AC is very worried about their liability in many cases! Good luck with the problem.

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You are a sweetheart.... I would have done the same thing you did.... jumped in the pool and all. I have a real soft spot for any animal, especially dogs. I know the only reason you refused to give them the pups back is because you were simply protecting them from harm. Hopefully, you scared them enough that they will keep a better eye on them. I sincerely hope all the pups get adopted as these people are not responsible pet owners and have NO BUSINESS having animals in their care. I am sure you will be rewarded for your good deed.... Love, Sharon

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I would have been in the pool in a flash too. Bless your heart. I have done an informal dog rescue over the years. (Everytime I see a dog running loose, I stop and try to pick it up - boy has that lead to some interesting stories :shock: ) It's so sad that the puppies are legally property, sigh. I understand about dealing with people like that. After returning two dogs that lived far down the road from me (several times) I gave up and called AC because the man threatened to SHOOT his own dogs! He did eventually put up an invisible fence.

Thank goodness for people like you

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I LOVE you for what you did. I am also glad you scared them. I am less worried that you would have been accused of stealing since the animals were basically being neglected but it is better that you are not dealing with the stress right now. I don't think you need any more on your plate.

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