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Video for Lung Cancer


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Hi All,

Did a video yesterday at Hospital about lung cancer. There were seven of us that were interviewed.

The company that is producing the video is sponsored by the pharmacutical company Adventis. The neat part was the director of the cancer program's assistant is a 14 year survivor of NSCLC. What an inspiration. The company doing the video is: Cancervive, their website is

cancervive.org. They are videotaping at various hospitals and cancer centers across the United States... It was all women that they interviewed yesterday be-cause the topic was Women and Lung Cancer The next taping will have a different theme. They are doing various topics and will be putting it on video. They said this taping was how they film for movies. We will all get copies as soon as they have finished. I will post it as soon as I get my copy. It may be a month or so.

I spoke about the stigma of lung cancer. I said we needed to make the public aware that not all people smoked. Just like the stigma that people with Aids had back in the 80's. They agreed. We hit on quite a few areas of LC. The feelings you have when 1st dx., your 1st chemo/radiation and mapping. Coping with family and when treatment ends what then.


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Wow! I went to the site. Looks like they are doing a great job. I sent a message to the local support group. Is it too late to send them a message to come here to Minnesota? Are they all done filming? How great that they are doing a film on lung cancer. Thanks for the info. Donna G


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