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Another update


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Mom was sent to the hospital last night for a blood transfusion. She had been feeling weak and lathargic for awhile and insisted on the place that she was at to do a blood test. Turns out her hemoglobin was down to 5 or lower.

They did 2 units last night and then 2 today. Dad got a call early in the morning to get over there right away because mom wasnt feeling well at all. Dad spoke to the oncologist and the news isnt good at all.

The onc. says that the reason why she wanted mom on less and less steroids is because of whats happening now. They believe that she is internally bleeding somewhere in her GI tract.(which is one side effect of the steriods) She has been severely constipated for over a week now. and her levels keep dropping really low, really fast. The doc told us we need to talk to mom about what she wants. We need to have her sign a DNR also. Doc said that what could very well happen is that her levels get low and she may pass in her sleep. She didnt give us a time frame or anything, but the onc. doc is hinting in her own way that that may be the most humaine way at this point. we do need to talk to mom, most of all and see what she wants, before we make any choices. All we want is for her to be comfortable and peaceful.

Thank you for thoughts. I am scared outta my wits and my poor baby has a cold so i cant take him to see my mom.

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Dear Randi,

I'm so sorry to hear your mom isn't doing well. At this point, I think you should reconsider about taking your baby to see his grandma, or really for grandma to see him. Even though he has a cold, I just don't know that I would worry about that right now. You should check with the doctor to be sure, but if your mom's time is short, she would love to see him.

Prayers coming your way.



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Hi Randi,

Just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during such a difficult time in your and your dads life. Be there for you dad as you will need each other comfort.

Peace be with you. I pray she is comfortable and pain free.


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Randi, just wanted to let you know that you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. If things are bad, I know your mom would want to see your beautiful baby.

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