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five for 3/12/05

Lisa O

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1. Another day filled with possibility.

2. My beautiful family - and the fact that my wonderful little girl still loves to cuddle with her mommy.

3. My sister, who was born on this date and the wonderful children she has brought into this world.

4. My mom is recovering and is feeling less pain.

5. Hot coffee, warm blankets and the most wonderful husband who goes to Starbucks in the morning to bring me that first cup before I even get out of bed. :D

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I am grateful for:

1. the best uncontrolled laughter that I have had in ages, coming via e-mail from an old wind bag I met on this board.

2. my shi**y old cat, TimmyTom who curled up in my lap and let me pet out his old Winter fur to let me know that Spring is here.

3. the cardinals this morning singing their Springtime songs...I will never tire of them.

4. Hot water.

5. good folks sticking up for what is right and decent.

6. another good laugh...same windbag, different joke, same theme. All before 9am.. the day has just begun.. and it great so far!

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1. The snowfall overnight which was beautiful upon wakening

2. The squirrels and birds who visit me EVERY morning looking for their treats.

3. My son Michael who seems to be moving in the right direction

4. My son Andrew who is ALWAYS moving in the right direction

5. My daughter Sara who is trying so hard to make me a grandma!!

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1. My night out last night with my husband.

2. Seeing a good friend Randy while out last night.

3. My daughter Kelly is making dinner tonight. { yummy she is a great

cook.} :wink:

4. My brother -n- law Bill for always being the best brother -n- law a

person could ever want.

5. Watching the dogs enjoy the snow we got last night.

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1.) Hubby made me a great breakfast.

2.) Getting ready for Our luxury hotel/spa getaway!

3.) Pretty snowfall - We are only a couple of inches away from breaking record for most snowfall in one season.

4.) Finished sewing lovely outfit to wear for our dinner out tonight.

5.) My one & only wig - don't exactly want to do the bald is beautiful tonight.


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1) Saturday morning and being able to sleep in.

2) Outing with my boys tonight (the big one and the little one) to watch our country Crimestoppers play basketball against the Detroit Lions. Wonder if they can play basketball? We all know the answer on if they can play football... :wink:

3) Help painting the morning room.

4) Machine-washable dress clothes.

5) Starting a new job on Monday - full time!

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1. Great friends and neighbors, especially the two young men across the street who carried my old sofa and loveseat out to the driveway and then went and found somebody who wanted them! Yay -- problem solved in five minutes.

2. Freshly shampooed carpet and freshly washed drapes and windows in the living room.

3. New sofa and loveseat arriving in about six hours

4. New digital cable service and DVR (like TIVO) -- woo, it rocks! User friendly for old ladies like me, too.

5. Healthy enough to do my spring cleaning.

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Laughing since I woke up,

Friends took me out for lunch,

Bought a nice green outfit for St. Pat's Day,

Got news from Ireland, all is well,

A friends that do not mind my crazy e-mails,

and a no. 6 today, my allergy is getting better,


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1. Tagging on with Glo, the DVR box! They are the best!

2. pig ear treats that keep my grand-dog happy for hours

3. My husband's great sense of humor

4. Listening to my 12 year old son and his friend plan and plot - a life full fo great possibilities and fun in store for them both.

5. My daughter getting to go on a 5 day Bahamas cruise tomorrow.


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