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Welcome home Lucie & Don


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Well Lucie & Don should be home today.

I just want to say welcome back and hope you had a eventful cruise full of wonderful memories. You guys really deserved it.

Your presence was really missed here, but so glad your took the time to get away.

Welcome back!!

I hope you are feeling fine, Lucy...


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Thanks for the welcome back. The cruise was a mixed bag, but we are still glad we took the time and went. We needed the break. The Virgin Islands were beautiful and the balmy weather very nice. But, we are glad to be back home in our own comfortable beds.

Lucie knew that she would not be able to take tours off the ship -- just too hard on her. She said it would be fine. Well, when she was actually on the ship, she was sad that she couldn't do more, like she used to do. I did get to take two trips off the ship, and that was good for me. I wanted to parasail for the first time, but that didn't come together. Ah well, something for next time.

Just before we left on the cruise, Lucie started having pain in her right leg. The last PET scan did not show anything there, but you never know with this disease. Well, the small ship had no elevator, and we were on Deck 1, with most activities on Decks 3 and 4. This aggrevated the leg pain something fierce. It was hard on both of us.

Also, the bed in the cabin was hard (no surprise) and we had trouble with that. It is good to be back in the comfort of our own bed and recliner.

So, as I said, we did have enjoyable moments, we met some very nice people, the food was great and we are glad we went evenso. We will go to the onco this week and probably have a scan of that leg.

Glad to be back. Don

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Don and Lucie,

Welcome home. We missed both of you but hoped you were having a great time. Its good to change scenery sometimes but also good to be back home. I hope the leg pain doesn't turn out to be something we need to worry about. Keeping you both in my prayers.


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Welcome back, Lucie & Don!

We did miss you, and glad to have you back! Glad you had a good time but sorry for some of the disappointments, but guess that goes with the lc territory? Too bad they didn't at least put you on a higher deck--could that have been requested because of Lucie's leg pain?

Tell us about the WONDERFUL FOOD!


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