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Everyone is developing cancer!


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My A/C broke last week and we called the technician out and he was working on it outside the window where my computer is...........don't remember what post on the site set me off but I started bitching at my husband about Frank and Lucie and everyone who was having problems and how mad I was etc.

The next day when the technician came back (I wasn't here) he said he over heard me talking and that he had found out that his daughter had something on her lung. Talked to him yesterday when he finished the A/C work up..........don't know what it is that is on her lung, she is having surgery soon. She is only 23 with a little boy. Gave him the website and told him/her and her mother to come here for education and help.

It's just amazing, it's everywhere. Hopefully it;s not cancer, maybe it's something else......but it just seems to be everywhere. Either that or I was totally ignorant before I was dx.

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Beth, I had a similar experience. The heating and a/c guy came to my house at the end of the summer/early fall last year. While he was inside working on the thermostat, he noticed all the pill bottles on the sink and asked if I'd been sick, so I told him I had cancer. He was going through chemo for colon cancer. Sheesh.

To top it off, he had no insurance, and was having to pay - a LOT - every time before they would give him his chemo. He'd finally been approved for some kind of assistance to help with his bills, but had mortgaged himself to the hilt just to survive.


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Beth you are so right. We just found out that my husband's mom has breast cancer. She found out 1 week ago and is having surgery tomorrow. My poor husband, first his wife and now his mom. It's just not fair.

If anyone has a spare prayer or two, I sure would appreciate sending a few my mother-in-laws way.


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My dad's cancer returned in Feb, since then I have had two friends parents diagnosed one with pancreas and another with lung. I also read a local obituary for a 21 year old boy who died after a courageous battle with lung cancer.

Also within this time my cousin in law (and best friend) mother died due to complications with MS and surgery, my husbands cousins son 19 died autopsy being done, and my stepfather had triple bypass open heart surgery and ended up back in the hospital 4 days after coming home from initial surgery to be in ICU for a week and total time in hospital 2 weeks and the doctors saying to call the family in twice within the first day.

I just can't believe all that has happened in this short amount of time and the large amount of cancer affecting all of us. Naive would be the way to describe me prior to Feb this year. Since then I have learned so much about cancer.

Prayers for a cure!!!! PLEASE GOD!!


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You are so right Beth, this cancer is getting out of hand. Is the the food we eat, the air we breathe, microwaves??? I just don't understand it.

Personally, I feel it is somewhere in our genes. I think genes contributes to all kinds of illnesses.

My husband has LC, his father died of LC, his mother had colon cancer and his sister had breast cancer. His brother in law had colon cancer (even though not related to him)

My family, no cancer, no heart problems. Father had Parkinson's but died of Pneumonia, age 91. Mom still here age 94. She had 4 sisters, all passed in their 90's. So go figure... I still say genes is a big factor. At least I have good ones :roll: (hopefully)


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I believe in the gene thing too, but

we are being poisoned by man. The additives in

food, pollution in the air, chemicals. It's

all in the name of $$$$$$ money. What do you

think of the flu virus from the 1950's being

released to labs across the world. The USA did it, oops --- slap our hands and take the word of

the labs that it has been destroyed. yeah right.

It is very lethal from what the news says. The

USA can't keep us safe so why not help the terriosts

kill off every body and if not kill us immediately.

Give us a disease and do a slow kill. I read this and it is so true and sick...

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I think it's just a sensitivity thing. You have cancer in your life, therefore, you listen more and hear "cancer" in more conversations - on the bus, at the store, etc. You also frequent places that people with cancer frequent (oncologists' offices).

One of my friends at work gave her dad a kidney. I didn't realize you could do that and it was pretty cool to me...fast forward to putting in my house and my contract builder had had a kidney transplant from a family member as well. I don't think everyone is getting kidney transplants, don't think it's the new thing, just a little more keen to it.

Cancer also isn't a "new" disease. I believe at the turn of the century, a brand of it was call consumption. We are living longer, not being eaten by bears, killed in territorial disputes, dying of gangrene from old shotgun wounds...I don't think it's really running rampant.

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I recently had a kitchen contractor working on my house, and he told my husband the story of his mother-in-law, who was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer and given no hope at all. She participated in a clinical trial of some kind and now, FIVE YEARS LATER, she's fine.

I didn't get to talk to him about it and I don't think he actually knows any details, but there you go, another story of good things that can happen.


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I have an aunt, by marriage, who had lung cancer over 30 years ago. I have no idea what kind, but they took out over half of one lung, then gave her some kind of chemo, and she's been fine ever since.

About 5 years after she was diagnosed, they found the exact same cancer in her mother, in almost the same place, and did the same kind of surgery/chemo. She lived another 10 years or so, and died of natural causes.

Go figure.


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I also think we become more "aware" of cancer once we or a family member has had it.

I had cervical cancer, treatment/surgery and had no recurrences to date and went on with my life. I was young and didn't pay attention to the gravity of that situation...I mean, I was ok, right?

Flash-forward seven years later, my dad is dx. with extensive stage lung cancer- next thing I know I have a neighbor 2 doors down dx. with the same cancer- my husbands co-workers' mother dx. with the same lung cancer and two celebs on TV develop LC then too. It felt like an epidemic.

I was more "aware" of it once my dad was dx, sensitized to anything that mentioned cancer and therefore recognized it more than ever before and understood the gravity of such a diagnosis.

Sometimes I wish I were still desensitized, living in the "bubble" where life was all puppy dogs and roses. :wink:

Now I have two brothers who have been recently dx. with a cancer as well. (not lung cancer)

Enough already.

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Cancer appears to be just one of those ugly diseases that dominates a few generations. Hopefully, they will find cures and gradually take it down. When my mother was a girl, they worried about the flu, diphtheria, polio, smallpox, TB, and things we more or less take for granted as being eradicated nowadays. She had a favorite cousin with a heart defect that would be considered minor now -- but he had to live most of his life as an invalid, and died in his early 30s from it.

When doing genealogy work, I've come across more than one story of a family devastated by illness -- an epidemic of typhoid rushes through a small community and takes out almost all the inhabitants just like that. A family of 7 totally wiped out, or leaving a few to mourn the loss of the others.

They had the same fears when someone would hear the dread word "smallpox" and they would all try to hide out and avoid the near certainty of a miserable death.

I feel sure that disease has roots in our environment, although not always quite as overtly as some would have me believe. But through it all, I have supreme confidence in the earth. It is reslient, it reinvents itself and adapts to the many changes thrust on it by the vast solar system in which it resides. Man? I'm not so sure about. The earth? Mother Earth will prevail. Count on it. Mankind just came along and became so highly advanced that it thinks it's the most important thing to ever set foot on the earth, and deserves to be around forever. Could be the ultimate practical joke, no?


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Just heard today that someone else I use to work with, her husband was just dx with LC, it's in his brain too because it's affecting his vision.

This crap has gotten yet another one!

I'm going to do my usual.... welcome to my world call....offer support, tell them about the website, ask if I can do anything, share stories and listen. Hopefully I can get their home phone number and call on Monday.


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