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My Scan Results


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Hi everyone! I just got the results of my latest CT w/contrast scan and there is still NED (No Evidence of Disease)!!!! I'm so relieved and I feel so blessed. My oncologist told me since it's been about 5 years, I could get scanned every year, instead of every 6 months. I told him I did not feel comfortable waiting a whole year. He said OK, but suggested I get the CT without contrast then. He said the contrast is usually used to see chest and surrounding areas for spread. He said since it's been 5 years, we are not looking for a spread or recurrence, but rather a new primary, and a CT without contrast is fine for that. I told him I would think about it. First, I would love to get opinions from this board on that. Any comments? I'm posting this message on all my boards, so many of you may see this message more than once. Thanks.

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Alisa..thank you so much for posting this fantastic news! It gives us all hope that this disease can be licked! Congratulations are definitely in order and a round of herbal tea (or beer)is being served today in the bar..by Maryanne! So, c'mon over for a favorite beverage and a few songs! We have so much to celebrate today..Frank out of hospital, Addie and Beth's fantastic news, Cathy and Ron get to try Taxotere as a new treatment, Joanie is saying hasta la vista to her dreary job, others..I know I am sorry I am missing... and then, of course, I turn 50 today..aye yae yae!

In any event...love those 5 years! They are the best!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Alisa,

Come on over to Cindi's bar for a well deserved drink. That is fantastic news!! Seems like there is good news today from many of our friends here.

Come celebrate Cindi's 50th... the old fart!!:D Actually don't tell anyone but I would trade places with her... age wise that is... hee....hee

We will expect you there.

A toast of continued luck to you!!



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My intial CT scans were with contrast but after about 6 months into treatment I started having a reaction to the contrast. The doctors have been able to monitor my condition with CT scans without contrast just fine. Also, it is easier on your kidneys.

The best news is NED for almost five years. That is really awesome. I am wishing you many more years with good health.

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Welcome to the 5 year mark. I made it this month as well.

I now go yearly not every six months, but to the best of my knowledge, I will be getting full scans (including head MRI). Of course, I could be wrong about contrast.

Celebrate!! and I am sure if the doctor sees something he doesn't like, he'll call for the expanded scan w/contrast.


Prayers, always,


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Whoopppeee! 5 years is fantastic!

I have been getting scans about every 3 months for the past 3 years. Just 2 scans ago I developed a reaction to the iodine in the contrast. As soon as the contrast was started, I broke out in hives and they had to give me a shot as an antidote. The onc still wants to use contrast on me, so I have to take medicines 24 hours before the scan to counteract the reaction. Left untreated, they say the reactions become more severe with successive exposure and can even be life threatening. So far I haven't had any problems eating shellfish, but I was cautioned to be on the lookout for them. I mention all this simply as something to think about as far as a possible negative on the side of scans with contrast over a long period of time...it may never be a problem for you...I hope not. What about getting one with contrast at 6 months and one without contrast at a year??? Alternating them???

Wishing you continued good health! Way to go!

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