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5 for 4/16


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1.) My soon to be Brother in Law who was able to fix my computer! While I was out on my hall pass, my computer caught a nasty virus.

2.) My Sister who knows how important this site is to me & pleaded with her fiancee to put my computer repair on the front burner.

3.) My Hubbie. Just for being such a support when I know how hard this is on him.

4.) My Cousin who came to visit yesterday. She read a letter I wrote for my Hubbie & wanted to know if she could have a copy for her pastor. Within a couple of days I hope to have it posted on this site. Not sure yet where to post it.

5.) My wonderful Mother (passed 9/8/03 LC) who taught me the importance of a well written thought.


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1. That Melanie is back posting.

2. Settlement went without a hitch yesterday.

3. Maybe feeling a little bit that new house may become 'home'.

4. Green tips on trees.

5. Pots of pansies I planted last night for new house, they are in the trunk right now.

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1. Income tax is done for my SO. He didnt owe 1500 like i thought only 71.00.

2. Moms hair has grown back enough that today we are getting her a hair cut!!

3. My daughter bringing home a A/B report card.

4. My beaustiful healthy 3 week old granddaughter whom I get to babysit tonight

5. My best friends new house she is moving into, which is 5 minutes from my house.

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1) The Jag is out of the shop and the chauffer has it all polished for a drive.

2) The pool heater has been installed and the water is warm.

3) The orchids are blooming in the Conservatory.

4) The usual butler is on vacation and the one we hired to take his place is SO CUTE.

5) The maids have finished the spring cleaning.

But really...

1) Shoots are really poppin' up in the garden

2) Yard isn't near as muddy as we expected it to be this spring

3) Dog is house trained

4) Son is helping with the laundry

5) Dirty dishes - my grandmother had a plaque with the following:

Thank God for dirty dishes,

They have a tale to tell;

While others may go hungry,

We're eating very well.

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1. Joel had chemo (finally)

2. Birthday today

3. Son taking me to lunch

4. Husband, still no effects from Chemo. able to take me to dinner

5. Beautiful flower arrangement from my daughter, who I think is in from out of town as the florist is local and the littlecard is her handwriting... hmmmmm

6. It's a beautiful day, sunny, birds singing, spring is here!!


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1. Melanie is back posting..got a funny email from her this morning!

2. Spring showers

3. TimmyTom my old shi##y cat...I still love him although he has caught just one mouse in his whole life.

4. mouse traps...I caught one too.

5. House will settle on Monday at 1...miracle of God.

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I just LOVE these so, I'll play...

1) MelanieLR is back :wink:

2) We survived my daughter's 13th birthday :shock:

3) Spring in Arizona (it's only 93 degrees 8) )

4) On The Border's Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes

5) Advair - I can BREATHE!! (...Sort of... :roll: )

Glad to see you're back Mel!

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