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Steroid induced psychosis


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We took Dad to the ER late last night. After many tests, (another CT and a bunch of blood tests) it turns out that his actions are being caused by "steroid induced psychosis". He's been on a high dose ~~16mg/day~~ for several weeks now. They can't wean him off any faster but they are giving him an anti-psychotic drug to help counter act the symptoms.

I just wanted to let everyone know just incase they ever have to go on high doses of steroids.

The next few weeks won't be pretty as he comes off the med but we'll get through it.

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I am so sorry. We went through something very similar with my Dad.

Another thing to watch is the combination of the steroids and the anti-psychotic. They can interact with some very horrifying results. This is particularly a risk if he's also taking other medications (i.e., Ambien, anti-depressants, etc.) or if a lung infection develops. If you start to see any repetitive jerking or even a non-responsive type of depression, you may be seeing a drug interaction. If that happens, and I pray it doesn't, I can point you to a lot of good info on drug-induced delirium and opiod neurotoxicity (information I wish we'd had when my Dad experienced this).

I know this is difficult for you, but hopefully your father will come out of this and NOT remember any of it.

Kind thoughts,


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Sorry, you are having to go through this experience. I wish I had answers to help you.

It's very disturbing when doctors' don't or won't tell you the additional side effects of drugs. They ask a stupid question like, are you allergic to any medications. How are we supposed to know, we've never taken these drugs... DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

As they say, they are practicing physicians. I know I am very sensitive to powerful drugs. Better to start at a low dose and go up instead of high and can't come down. Common sense maybe will kick in with the docs. All patients react differently to medication...

God Bless and prayers,


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That must have been a real scary time for you. I hope in a couple of weeks he will start to feel better. Poor guy is certainly going through a nighmare.

Prayers being sent out to him.


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Yea; I know the feeling...Onc. dosed me w/steroids, didnt mention any side effects..sheesh. Ended up in ERoom crying like a baby..and Im 60. heh They straightened it out with Lorazepam, anti-anxiety drug. worked great, but wish to h... they would warn us of these effects. Hard to find good help anymore, is all I can say, even about Docs. Hope u get things back on an even keel...good luck..Rich B.

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