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Uplifting Card - Doctors do care


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Just wanted to share this nice moment with others that are also trying to figure out how to incorporate incredible sadness into our lives.

Jim passed away 5 weeks and 2 days ago today (but who's counting). Today, I received a nice card from his oncologist's office where all of the nurses (4 chemo nurses, 1 exam nurse, and 1 "needle", as Jim referred to the blood taker) and The Great One himself, his doctor, all wrote nice notes. They didn't have to send a card or they could have just signed their names, but each one took the time to write something special about Jim and to offer help if I ever needed it. When I have doubts about decisions we made along the way, this touch helps me remember that we were in the right place with a caring group of people.

Sometimes I have to take a step back to remember how painful these jobs can be for the medical staff. Of course, I made sure they knew us as "Jim and Lynne", not just as a chart. Jim's ever-present dark sense of humor and teasing style spoke for itself. We had many smiles with them along the way.

Just a nice gesture I wanted to share. It kinda perked up my day.


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My GP is the one who investigated and was instrumental on discovering my cancer. While I was in the hospital after surgery, her and her nurse sent me a dozen roses and a teddy bear. She even gave me her home phone number when she knew how serious that "little cloud" had become to call anytime (I have never called her at home, but I still have the number). That personal touch sure does mean the world, I'm glad you received such a warm fuzzy at such a time of turmoil and heavy emotions.

Take care,


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Hi Lynne,

That was so uplifting. But Jim must have been a very special patient for them to do that. Iam sure they don't do that for everyone.

He seems like he was a wonderful person. He must be missed so much by so many.

Thank you for telling us about such a nice gesture from his Doctors and nurses. Its nice to know how human they are.


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