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Etoposide Pills


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Deb and I came from the onc today and I know it is monday. We wre told that her tumor has grown about 20% to about 2.5 Inches She has been on tarceva since december and apparently it doesn't work any more or any less. The onc has put her on Etoposide the pill. We know of the side effects but not the odds. (Think Kentucky derby winner here 50-1) He says 1 in 5 survival rate. been crying all day. HAd to wear shades to work cause eyes are bloodshot. Does anyone have any experiences with this drug? We would apperciate the advice. Always praying and reading but not always posting. Thanks everyone

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I took Etoposide in capsule form for my initial rounds of chemo with the Carboplatin.

Other than the fatigue that seems to just go along with chemo, I didn't really have side effects from the chemo. Since I was taking the Etoposide for 10 days after the IV Carbo, I would assume that I might have noticed a difference in the two and how I felt, but I didn't.

I would start the Etoposide the day after the IV Carboplatin - one 50 mg. capsule, then 2 - 50 mg. caps the next day, then 1, then 2, alternating for 10 days -- a total of 750 mgs over a 10 day period.

I'd heard concerns that the caps weren't as good as the IV, but was shown research data where the absorption rate is very good with the caps -- actually a little above that of the IV, because it sort of happens once, runs through your system, and it's all over. Taking the pills 10 days in a row keeps some of it in your system, or so they said.

Keep in mind that everyone reacts to chemo/radiation in a different way. Because I had such good results and almost no side effects doesn't mean that the next person who comes along will have the same experience with it.

Much luck to you, and many good thoughts to both you and Deb. Remember too that the "survival rate" only counts for her. No reason she should care about everyone else's, just hers. Try to survive as long as she can, and that is her rate.


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Jim's 1st chemo treatments were Carboplatin & Etoposide (IV) and he had excellent results.

When Jim decided to do the WBR for his brain tumor, the doctor put him on the oral Etoposide for his lung and adrenal tumors. Everyone is different, but he didn't seem to have any ill effect from it. He was on it for 14 days before being hospitalized due to neurological symptoms, unrelated to Etoposide.

His oral regimen alternated between 1 pill one day, 2 pills the next, 1 the next.....etc.

I wish I could provide more info but every little bit helps. I'm hoping Deb tolerates it well.


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