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Connie B 2000

Don Wood

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Yep, our dear Connie B has posted her 2000th message of encouragement and support here on the site. Connie has been with us since the beginning, Jan. '03, and we have been so fortunate to have her here, cheering us on. Congratulations, Connie, and thanks so very much for all you do for us here. Rah! Rah! Connie! Don

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Wow Connie...10 year survivor along with 2000 posts. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

This along with your good news.

Its a shame Cindi's bar is closed right now. That calls for a toast in your name. :lol:

We have to wait for Cind to come back.

Thank you Connie :wink:


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:oops::oops::oops: You are all making me blush!!!! :oops::oops: I couldn't imagine my life without any of you. None of you have any idea how much you have all kept ME going when I have been down and out. YOUR THE BEST!!! THANK YOU ALL!

I use to be a bartender many moons ago, and I make a darn good Bloody Mary! I'm sure Cindi wouldn't mind if we opened one of the Fourm Pub's being she is on a break for moving. Can't fool me, she's sitting at her new place sipping a nice glass of wine! :wink: Clink Clink to Cindi setting up house in her new place.

Gotta tell you, I was reading so many of the posts in this forum, and that forum regarding the PUB is OPEN for this,that or the other thing, the last few weeks, that I thought to myself. "Holy Cow, I hope I don't get a DUI for bar hoping from forum to forum or pub to pub!! :P:lol: I wasn't sure I could see straight after I left the Good News Forum to go to the Just for Laughs Fourm! :lol::lol:

Thank you ALL for your kind hearted words and wonderful loving and supportive messages. I honestly am very grateful to be a part of this Awesome Board and have so many wonderful friends.

My best to ALL!

Hugs to All,


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Thank you, Connie!!! I would say, "It doesn't get any better than this," BUT I am hoping for you it sure does!!!!

You support so many of us - just by seeing your smiling face wtih those two adorable grandchildren. What lucky kids! You have been where we are and we can see where we CAN be in 10 years. No words can be used to measure what that does for us.

Personally, I don't care if we use a Forum pub OR if we use Frank's key for Cindi's. I would like to be the FIRST to get a 'CBM'. That is a Connie Bloody Mary!!!! Better have a pitcher ready.

Isn't it a shame any of us are here. BUT since we do find ourselves here, what good fortune to have YOU in our midst. Makes me want to move to Minnesota. Sounds like there is a great group there.

AND as ALWAYS, EVERYONE here remains in my prayers each day. I thank God for each and every one of you!


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