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So I don't get fined...


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I haven't been posting a lot lately, not much at all. I have a new job that is...well, to put it tamely, becoming very depressing and stressful.

Monday began with news that a friend had passed and we paid our last respects this evening. We've had far too many late nights and early mornings and just need to spend some time together, picking up the chaos that is circling our lives right now.

I will be checking in off and on, so play nice!



P.S. I'm not asking for a hall pass, I have a signed excuse from my parent. :P

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Hi Becky,

Have a good break..So very sorry about your friend..I lost my best friend to cancer 2 years ago, I dream about her all the time, sometimes I wake up and it takes a few seconds to realize that shes gone..I have such wonderful memories and that helps...Your memories too will make you smile..

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I had noticed there were far fewer posts from you than had been. Glad you finally let us know the reason. So sorry about a stressful job. AND it's a NEW one too. Dang!!!

Late nights and early mornings ARE very rough - even when one isn't working. So, BOY, do I feel sorry for you :o !! That, and the loss of a friend, can really take the punch out of ya :cry: .

Hope you get a handle on things. You just seem to be the type to be able to get it all back together. Sure hope so. I, for one, really miss your perceptive posts. Hurry back!


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