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Dave Update

Remembering Dave

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I will and have been praying for Dave. It breaks my heart to think of him in such pain. Glad the spinal tap was negative.

As for the houses. I am glad that the sale and purchase have been done and that you have help in the moving process. Are his parents still there to help as well?

It sounds perfect for all of you if Dave can put up with the discomfort of changing places etc. I hope it all goes well.


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Heaving a sigh of relief over the clear spinal fluid! That's some good news!

Hope the move goes smoothly and that they can find something to deal w/ Dave's pain. Do keep us posted and know we're vibing and sending all good thoughts.

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So happy that you found the perfect house and have lots of help to settle in. I think of your family so often and hope that the doctors will soon find some better answers for you - especially to deal with Dave's pain. I loved your story about Faith - talk about a ray of sunshine through the clouds!

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I am so happy to hear that Dave's spinal fluid came back clear. That is truly wonderful news.

I am sitting here right now, saying prayers to God that his doctors are able to come up with a solution to Dave's pain, and that that relief from discomfort enables him to continue his fight and start regressing those tumors.

God Bless You


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