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WOW! Bring on the steroids!


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My husband was a new man today. Energetic and active all day. And, not only did he eat a big dinner, but he cooked it, too. I had forgotten how effective (for the good) Decadron could be. Maybe I need some of that stuff. :):roll::wink: Is there a black market for Decadron? LOL!

Anyway, it sure made me happy tonight to see him so active and feeling so good! Just thought this might help spread a little cheer!

Love to all,


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Do the steroids make him chatty too, Peggy? They sure wire up MY mouth :) ...and my mouth goes pretty good most of the time, even WITHOUT steroids. :roll:

Dinner sounds fabulous. I'm so glad to hear Don is all perky and sparky with energy! It must make you smile to watch it...eh?

My hubby cooks most of the time now and occasionally likes a break. If I don't give him that break by cooking myself....he goes to the garage to get one of the 15 t.v. dinners he bought because I happened to say they "weren't too bad" one night. My luck, he caught a sale on them two days later. He went out and bought 15 of the d*mn things! :shock: They aren't THAT GOOD either...but I didn't have the heart to tell him that. :roll:

Then he got on an artichoke kick. We were each having a whole artichoke at least 3 times a week. I was starting to sprout leaves under my arms....I swear. Leaves with pointy little ends. :?

Then one day he's going to the store and I said, "See if you can find some of that Pepperidge Farm French bread pizza. He came home with a box of that....another box of some other kind of pizza-but-not-a-traditional-pizza....and then this HUMONGOUS BOX with mini bagel pizza hors d'oeuvres. There were - I dunno - 40-50 little mini bagel pizzas in that box. Enough to choke a horse. I think we've got 49 of them left. :?

I wonder if I told him I really liked diamonds....if he'd go to the jewelry store and bring me home like....a 40 ounce BOX OF DIAMONDS!??

Nah. My luck he'd just bring more t.v. dinners. :roll: And bagel pizzas.

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Aren't "diamonds" matches? You know, the "strike on box" things.... :roll:

Sounds good, Peggy. We went out for dinner tonight, our three year anniversary. Hallmark is beginning to rule our lives with all the "anniversaries"! LOL

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Aren't "diamonds" matches? You know, the "strike on box" things

Yes, they surely are. But they AIN'T the kind of diamonds I was talking about. :roll:

And besides, other than to set fire to the 14 remaining t.v. dinners and a whole $%#@load of bagel pizzas.....I have no need for matches! :lol:

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Yes, Addie, he gets very chatty - especially when I'm trying to sleep. :roll::roll: That usually starts on day 3 which is tomorrow. Maybe I should take a nap on my lunch hour to prepare in advance. LOL!

Don't set fire to those TV dinners - send them my way. I think Don will get tired of cooking dinner in just a few days, so I'll need them.

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