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Newest update on Cathy...from her sister.


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Hi all,

It was brought to my attention that I should do a new thread on Cathys new update. As not everyone reads the older ones that they responded to already.

I feel it is important for everyone to read Cathy's lastest update provided from her sister. So I am also posting this separate so you won't miss this.

Here is another update on Cathy. It seems like our girl is quite a fighter (which we knew) and wants to post to us.

Bless you Cathy...you are amazing and terribly missed on here.

Thank you so much Cayrl for keeping us informed.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Computer acting up. Yes, I saw Cathy on Friday and while she was quite confused she was in good spirts. Her daughter Heather is visiting with her this week and my sister Debby and I are going up on Sunday.

There has been a change in her medication and she seems to be responding well...much less pain. I spoke with her today and she sounded great...lucid and strong.

My sister is a fighter from way back...her spirt is amazing. She continues to show me by example what integrity and dignity is all about.

Cathy is anxious to get on the computer and I will see if I can accommodate her on Sunday. Again much thanks for all your prayers and support.

Warm regards,


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Thank you Maryanne and thank you Caryl. I'm glad Cathy's pain is being controlled better and I hope it continues. You say Cathy is a fighter and this is something she has proved time and time again to us. She is also one of the kindest people I've seen on this board. I'm sending love and prayers to all.



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Cathy: I am glad to hear that you have had some good moments in conversation with your family. I hope your sister finds a way to help you go on line this Sunday. Caryl and Maryanne have been very kind in letting us know how it has been for you. You have my continued pryers, Warrior Lady.

Don M

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Thanks so much for the update on our Cathy!!! She is indeed a very strong and brave lady! I am so glad to hear that the medications have lessened her pain!!!

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