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Guest Lambert

My name is Bruce....I am stage 1b lung cncer patient. I had a resection of my upper right lobe in February. It was followed by 4 chemo treatments every three weeks. ll of this was completed 5 weeks ago. I am frustrated that my breathing seems to be worse since the chemo started. Before the chemo I used O2 at night while sleeping and during the day only when exerting myself.....now it seems I am on O2 24/7

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I haven't experienced chemo or the oxygen problems, so I can't be of any use there. But, I do want to welcome you to this site and I know others will have lots of valuable information for you.

Here's hoping the breathing problems get better very soon.


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Hi Bruce,

Welcome to our group. Sorry you have to be here, but glad that you posted.

It sounds like your question is if it is normal to require more oxygen than usual when going through chemo. I must say that I had some pretty nasty chemo and radiation and didn't require any oxygen. I can only tell you about my own personal experience and hope you can draw from that. There is a place on this site where you can pose a question to the oncology docs, though.

Do you have other contributing lung disease? ie...emphysema, COPD? What is your age, Bruce? And is your heart healty? Do you have a pulmonologist? ie lung specialist? Are you using any steroids? Any inhalers? Are you congested? What is the level of your energy?

At any rate, hope you find some answers to your question, and that your treatments will be successful and that you will be rid of this beast once and for all!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Bruce and welcome,

I had a lower right lobectomy on APril 20 for nsclc stage 1a. Removed 20% of my lung. No chemo or radiation.

My breathing is not like it used to be but the surgeon said it will take about six months and the rest of the lungs should take over and my breathing should return to normal again.

Hope that heps somewhat.

good luck,

Bill in PA

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Hi Bruce,

Welcome to this site. Sorry you had to be here.

As you can see from my husband Profile at the bottom he also was 1B, had his upper left lung removed and did 4 rounds of chemo... carbo/taxol.

The last one for some reason did a number on him. His last treament was June 15th. He is still having pain in his ankles and feet. He finds himself short of breath more than before.

His doc is on vacation till the end of the month, so we will see what is causing this, when he returns.

I am hoping this is temporary and he will bounce back soon. He had no problems with his firsts 3 treatments ( just he nomal pain in the nerves in his legs about the 3rd day after treatment) that usually lasted close to a week, then he felt fine. This time it was different.

When he had his lobectomy he did not need oxygen at home.

I hope this clears up for you.


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welcome Bruce. I have not been through any of this myself, but I've watched my mom over the past few weeks and asked her docs plenty of questions. I think cindi's questions are right on and underscore what my mom's doc told us - that everyone is different re: oxygen, and that the best thing for any of this is activity. that said, my mom hasn't begun chemo yet.

keep asking, people here are brilliant and you will definately get any answers to your questions that you haven't yet, and probably some new friends, to boot.



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Welcome to the family! As said before, i'm sorry you had to come, but glad to see you and glad for your post.

My mom did 5 rounds of taxol/carbo, one a week and radiation daily...she has found herself shorter of breath than she's ever been before and the dr.'s can't quite agree about why. The rad. onc. says it's the radiation, the pulmonologist says it's cardiac, cardiologist says it's lungs...etc etc. All we know for sure is that her breathing isn't what it used to be and she still has all of both her lungs. I wish i could be of more use for information...my suggestion would be to fill your signature profile out as completely as you can and hit up the wonderful onc doc's on here for their opinion.

Prayers for you that your breathing improves dramatically!!

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Hi Bruce and welcome to the best lung cancer support group on the net!

You will find help here and support and will also make friendships. We are a family here and care very much about eachother and try to help in any way we can.

I can not answer you're questions but I am sure there are many that can help including ask the experts forum.

I wanted to welcome you and to tell you I have added you to my prayers.

God Bless You,


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