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Tarceva PLUS Avastin


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My wife's latest CT scan showed NED for her abdomen and pelvis. The single liver tumor that she has had since dx is gone. No more adrenal abnormality noted either. But, her lung CT scan shows unchanged / stable vs. her April CT scan. Good news but her med onc isn't satisfied and wants to try a one-two punch to hopefully finish off the remainder of her primary lung tumor and any active cancer cells that may remain in those numerous small lung nodules. Therefore, he's added Avastin to her Tarceva regimen.

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Wow Bill! This is fantastic news. What a great report for the Tarceva! You should feel some relief now, especially knowing that you had to fight so much to even get your wife the Tarceva treatments!

I am so happy for you and so glad to hear that her onc is back on the attack and adding Avastin to the arsenal! I just love this good news..........


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Thanks to all for the kind words. RE: the new aggressive tx attitude, let me say this about that. It's disturbing to me that when my wife was sickest and needed aggressive tx the most she didn't receive it. A constant battle. She was even encouraged to call it quits this past Feb. This was just a couple of weeks prior to her rapid decline that led to her hospitalization before starting Tarceva. Now that she has substantially improved and has been " restaged " aggressive tx is being provided. Even overdoing it a bit like suggesting RFA on her primary tumor then deciding to delay that idea until the next scan update.Her latest chemo regimen was submitted to her carrier's MRC and approved within 24 hours. This included her med onc following up the faxed prior authorization request with a personal phone call !

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