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Dad lives on....


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I got back from ND on the 22nd of July and then went on vacation w/mom & family on the 23rd. It was wonderful. Mom and I walked along the ocean in the wee hours of every morning around dawn. We hugged, laughed, and cried. It was such a fantastic time.

Got back today and got a letter in the mail saying that dad's eyes were successfully transplanted in someone from New Jersey. This was a little hard because it was another reminder to me saying that dad really is gone. But......it made my mom and I happy knowing that a little bit of him is still alive in someone else. The non-profit said that I could write a letter to the recipient. I think I will do that next week if I can muster the emotions that will certainly follow.......I still don't feel like he is really gone......


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Oh Sweetie, that is very touching to know your dad was willing to help another needy person. God Bless him!

I'm sorry you have to feel that loss. I know how that feels.

My thoughts are with you. It's nice to hear you and your mom had such a meaningful vacation. Sounds like a very nice time. Good to see you back here.

Hope you'll be able to stay with us.

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All your news is so very heartwarming. Sounds like you and your mom had some precious , quality time together. Knowing someone could receive the gift of sight because of your Dad's gift is just wonderful. I can just feel how emotionally packed all these events have been for you. Thanks for sharing and know that you have my prayers to help your family in the days ahead.



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Hi Katie,

I am so glad you had that wonderful time with your mom. That was something you both desparately needed.

What you dad did as far as being a donor is wonderful. That someone can now see through his eyes, Wow, that is awesome, and a part of your dad is living through another human being who will be indebted to your dad forever.

Take care sweetie,


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