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Putting my Buddy on Taxotere


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took Buddy to the chemo oncologist today and he is going to start him on Taxotere. He said that buddy right now was weak and he didn't want to put him on a comb of drugs because that may backfire and make him much more weak and he doesn't want to go in that direction.

I showed him what i found on the internet regarding going directly into the blood that flows directly into the liver being better then going into the arm and the chemicals going all through the system. he said that buddy's liver is to far to go that way....i don't understand any of this....when you read something and it says it is more effective to do that way, why don't they say the if's. If the liver is this way or that way then you can or can't go that route....

buddy asked him about his chances or when to stop all of this. The dr's answer was "as long as you can tolerate it, you should go for it." Giving up means just that. no hope..... He said that when a person does get to a point that they consider no return, he stops the treatments.... i guess this is what surviving means. go till you can't anymore because somewhere along the way, you may hit on the drug that works.

oh well, for now he will try this. he will get three sessions, one every 3 weeks. I pray that it works if that is what is to be....

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Norme, My dad had taxotere as his second course of treatment and tolerated it very well. I hope the same for Buddy, and for some great result from it. Fight the good fight!! We're with you guys, in spirit, all the way!! GO! GO! GO! Take care, Deb

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Norme and Buddy,

First I want to give you a HUGE HUG ((((((((((((NORME))))))))))))))

Then I want you to give your Buddy a HUGE HUG for me as well!

Now I just want to share with you that you and your BUDDY are in my thoughts and prayers Each and Everyday!! You are such an wonderful friend to everyone on this board. We are SOOOO BLESSED to have you with us. You are such a DOLL!! (that was long over due on saying)! :wink:

On that note, I hope Buddy gets some of his strength back soon. And I think that was wonderful what your doctor said. He sounds very hopeful!

That's GOOD!!

Take care my dear friend. Wishing you and Buddy a good Evening!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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