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Update on mom and dad


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Hi all,

Well I was out of town for a several days and when I got back I found out mom had just gone in to the hospital for pneumonia. Talked to her and my sister and she seems to be doing pretty good. I will be heading there in a couple of days. I guess this explains why she was getting so weak.

As for my dad he had his chest X-ray yesterday and just finished wearing his halter monitor. Not sure when will hear the results of these. I guess on a positive note he was wearing the monitor when he was helping mom to the bathroom and on the way back she couldn't go any futher and had to lay down on the floor. When she couldn't get back up he called 911. So it should show how his heart is reacting to stress.

Thanks again for all the prayers and good thoughts.

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Oh Millie...you really do have a double dose of worries going on! I'm definitely keeping both parents in my thoughts and prayers and sending well deserved hugs your way!!! (((((((((((((Millie))))))))))

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