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update on mom


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Well I will be heading there tomorrow, but according to my sisters she is still pretty weak. They will probably be sending her home tomorrow and she will need to be on oxygen. They also will be draining some of the fluid off her lung and will check that to see if the cancer has come back. They did a CT but because of all the fluid and scar tissue they couldn't tell. My sisters say they can tell dad is pretty anxious about her coming home when she can hardly get out of bed. We are going to gently try to have him consider her going to a Extended Care facility with a good rehablitation program for a couple of weeks. Mom can be stubborn and she will do for strangers what she won't do for us. Dad didn't like the idea when it was first mentioned so will see what he decides. Thanks for all your prayers and please keep them coming.

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Mom did go to an Extended care facility today and it seems to be a real nice place. They took some x-rays today and this doctor did not think she had pnuemonia, but that it is the stress on her body from the radiation. He also said it will take her a long time to get her strength back. So I guess it is just waite and see how she responds to therapy.

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this is a weird thing, I thought I responded to this thread but am no where to be seen...

anyway, millie - I am absolutely keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers, for peace and comfort for both of you. I hope the extended care facility gives her everything she needs to get stronger, and gives you all the support you need in taking such great care of her.

be well, keep us posted.



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Thank you all for your prayers.

Bunny, Your not losing it, I had another post in the general forum so that is what you are thinking of.

They started some therapy today and she really got worn out quick. Kind of scares me as she wasn't this bad last time I saw here. So far everyone at this facility seem to be very kind and caring and actually seem to enjoy there jobs! Which is a huge relief to be able to leave and know she is in good hands.

Tomorrow we get the results of dads heart tests :? I hoping he will let me go along to the appointment. I'm really worried the news is not going to be good.

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