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Fat can be Funny


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We've had some wonderful news posted this week and I'm feeling a little happy. Although this is somewhat embarrassing, I thought you might get a chuckle at my expense.

Anne posed the question this morning as to our first thought upon waking this morning. My thought was “Why did I join a fitness center?” as today was my initial evaluation.

I actually paid a lot of money to have someone measure my big fat arms and thighs, my non-existent flexibility, my “over” weight, my high heart rate, my borderline high blood pressure, and my muscle strength.

The good news is that the results were immediate. No waiting. In all categories but one, I scored a resounding WELL BELOW AVERAGE. Not just below average, but WELL BELOW average. However, I choose to focus on the one category where I excelled and rated ABOVE AVERAGE – the muscle strength in my hands. So, while all the other hardbodies strut their washboard abs and carved biceps around the gym, you are going to find me flaunting my strong HANDS. They’ll have nothin’ on me!

Okay, be honest. Has anyone else paid to have your fat measured by 22-year old strangers and faced such public humiliation? I would love to hear I have company in my out-of-shape boat.

(Debi, I think I still own “The Most Unfit Person in Oklahoma” crown.)


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When I first joined my present gym, I went through something similar with my trainer. That was some time ago. I do my own thing now, 2-3 times a week. But I have worked with trainers enough, I know what is important for me. Right now, I could definitely lose some weight (eating habits not too good as far as calories), but I am in pretty good physical shape. This is important, especially in taking care of Lucie. Don

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Lynn, dear, I would recommend a career move to 'hand modeling'

There is such a thing ~ honest ~ and I knew someone who actually auditioned and managed to 'get into that field' She did it for many years and made great money.


Since I have been working from home and catering to Brian's roller coaster of appetite/tummy/bowel/emotional /LC / Chemo issues I have gained some weight, abandoned my workout routine, and found solace and comfort in Ice Cream.

I could move to OK ~ to assure you of runner ~ up status vs. 'most out of shape'.

We think you are perfect ~ just exactly as you are.

but since you decided to do this whole fitness thing we are on your side and cheering you on.


PO (remember the teletubbies???) My initials are PO :?

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you guys crack me up. seriously, lynn. there's a career out there for you.

my own routine, abandoned as soon as suki needed so mcuh of my time (not a good idea...trying to get back to it, we can't fill their tank if ours is empty, right?) consisted of some pretty rigorous yoga.

I was remarking last night that I have gone from doing yoga as a way of seeking god, to just trying to BE the buddha. :lol: I kinda resemble him now.



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The thing about having good, strong hands...is that you can PUNCH OUT anyone who wants to make fun of your other BELOW AVERAGE parts.....eh? :lol:

Lets' face it...how many people are gonna go around exposing their washboard abs anyway? But YOU....YOU can show off those hands everywhere you go...and if you don't get no respect for them....don't forget that strong middle finger!! :wink:8):lol:

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Here's a true one. I accompany Bill to his oncology visit a few months back and he has dropped a considerable amount of weight, despite being on the steroids. So, in comes the doctor, picks up his chart and says to him "What is going on with your weight? Where is it all going?" and then looks in my direction and winks and says..."Is your wife taking it?" No joke! He goes on steroids, eats like there is no tomorrow and my metabolism shuts down and I gain the weight! Go figure. Lynne...if there is a crown for most unfit in Ohio...it's all mine!

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Addie! That is referred to as the "driving finger" in my house. I did a real good job of breaking a fingernail on that particular finger and couldn't drive for almost a week! :wink:

Lynne, I think it's great that you are taking this big step to take care of yourself. Exercise will help with things on your mind, as well. I've found when I am at a low point and I exercise, I feel better - after all, I can get all that frustration out.

Maybe I'll start some kind of program when I'm all healed and have the doctor's okay...right now, it's just walking. Please, understand, I'm in shape - ROUND IS A SHAPE! :shock:

Good luck on this journey!


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Boy! Have I been there! The people who do the intake at those fitness clubs are almost always slim, fit college-kids who are no doubt horrified by the site of our middle-aged bodies! I'm sure they feel like missionaries working with lepers. :lol:

You know, just for fun I Googled "hand strength" and found out there a LOTS of books dedicated to it and LOTS of people interested in buying these books! No kidding! Apparently, they're rock climbers mostly! So there's a young crowd waiting to adore you! Head for the nearest climbing wall and flex those fabulous fingers!


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Lynne, don't worry...I'm right there with you! I have a perfectly logical reason that our hands are strong! It has to be the computer. All of these posts surely give our fingers a lot of great workouts! When Dennis was sick, I lost so much weight. Now, it has crept back up on me and I have been going to a gym. This one is run by the hospital and it seems I see more people my age that are there to improve health and less of the 22 year olds that are worrying about being a size 6 rather than a size 2. I really commend you on your effort! Great move on your part!!!

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Lynne, I have a funny one for you. When I was all of 19 years old ( and of course underweight ) my sister decided we needed to sign up at the local gyn and work out. We paid our money, got measured, and set up an excercise program for both of us. The next time we went ( about a month later - don't want to OVERDO ) they measured us and weighed us etc - and lo and behold I had gained inches. That just had the gym in an uproar. I also had gained weight. I decided right then and there that excercise wasn't for me.

I did find out a few weeks later that I was pregnant !!!!

I agree with Becky - round is a shape !!


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