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jcawork, how are you?


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Hey Guys,

Thanks so much for caring. I finished spine rad today and my back pain is much relieved.

I saw a gastro for my daily diareaha and horrible belly pains. He scoped me and said looked fine and has no idea whats going on. At first he thought Crohns. Living on Imodium, his meds didn't help.

The back and belly have debilitated me. Have not been out a lot to do fun stuff because of the pain and running for a bathroom at all the wrong moments. Hoping to get out more.

Finished Brain rad a few months ago and get rescanned in 2 weeks. Dreading it. Just dreading it.

I read the board every day and post some but I just have not been a tower of positive stuff so I shy away.

Chemo starts again Tuesday. Topo. Round 4.

Kids and hubby are great.

Millie et al, thanks again for caring.



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It's good to har from you. So sorry you've had so much to deal with every day. It can really wear you down to a nub, huh? The reduction in back pain is a step in the right direction.

The belly problems are so frustrating and depressing because they do keep you from being able to do things that you might enjoy and that would help distract you from all the worries. Sending all kinds of caring thoughts and strength your way.

Upcoming scans are always scary for me. I don't realise how much fear/hope/desperation build up right before test time until I get the news. Then I feel suddenly exhausted and realise how much tension I'd been holding in.

Hoping you will be able to enjoy life a little soon!


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Jen....as always, you know I send you my best. I'm glad the back pain and flank pain are improved and hope the gastro stuff clears up real soon. Did you ask if the Topo might be causing it?

I'm just past cycle 10...and was going in the other gastric direction....but stepped up my fiber and fruit intake. That helped.

Holding good thoughts for you to find a way to...uh...er....put a cork in it, if ya know how I mean. :roll:

Good, healing thoughts and lots of love coming your way....

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Have you been checked for C-DF infection? I'm awaiting my results. I know that many of the drugs we take can cause a chemical form of Crohn's Disease. Add to that other medications, especially antibiotics, and we are risk for C-DF and other intestinal infections.

I truly do understand how you're feeling. While in the hospital I had a big flare of the Crohn's. No one seemed too concerned until one of the Nurses noticed the amount of blood loss. I'm still dealing with the belly pain, bleeding, etc. and Imodium is only effective some of the time.

I'll let you know if I find something that really WORKS.

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Hi Jen,

Just want you to know I am thinking of you and sending you good vibes.

I am so happy about the back problems being lifted, now to deal with the other one. Once they get that under control so you could enjoy life a bit and get out of that house...


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