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Hello Everyone,

I know I don't post very often. I want to be able to encourage people but.... lately I'm just feeling like things just suck toilet water!

We went for chest CT and brain MRI. (First ones since chemo and radiation.) New spot on lung. Of course it's not a small spot. RC did tell us that it could be inflamation but reading his tone and look on his face I don't think he believed it. There are also 3 small spots on the brain that are suspicious. RC said may be nothing (same tone and look). So just to make sure I was reading him correctly...I asked him about the PCI clinical trial he was so anxious for my husband to participate in at our last appointment (July). He said we can't do it right now. Well, that answered that question...probable brain mets.

It is so hard to get questions through and answers when my husband has stated that he doesn't want the information and yet if I ask to speak to the Dr. alone hubby won't leave.

Wah-Wah-Wah. I guess I should start serving cheese with my whine.


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Brian has NSCLC w/ Neuroendecrine features, too.

It does suck.

It is awful.

I think the docs have a fine line to walk because these cancers are so confusing. Brian's grows so fast because of the similarity to SC,

but doesn't respond to chemo as well as purely sc tumors do...

rock and hard place.

We are in a rough spot, too

I have no words of wisdom.

We offer empathy and support and prayer.

Do not avoid the board, through this. It is okay to give and to take............when you need to take others hold up the supporting end of things for you.

My life is enriched for being on this forum.

I know the angels here will lift you up as they do Brian and me.



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Oh Cheryl,

You whine away here. That is what we are here for. I agree with your description...POOP! I am so sorry.

Hope you know that we are all here for you with prayers, support, whatever you need. Sure wish we could make this d#$n disease disappear, you know?

I will be thinking about you guys and hoping there is some good news to report soon. Please try to stay as positive as you can. Easier said than done, I know!



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Whine on, that's why we are here. This is worrisome, but you have to keep on your game face for your hubby. I feel the same with my mom, so I come here and tell everyone how I am really feeling.

Out of pure love, we want our loved ones to be better, period. So, even the smallest things have an impact and the big ones, well they are devastating.

I know my mom's radiosurgeon had that same expression when he told mom she had a new brain met and when she asked about treating it, he said probably not right now. We are waiting a month to see if it is edema or tumor growth. She will have another MRI to see.

The waiting game and not knowing is so hard, but as many have said here, wnjoy the present. I saw a sign yesterday that said something along the lines of how worrying about tomorrow robs you of today. It hit me hard bc I am very guilty.

If I can help in any way, let me know. Feel free to PM me. Hang in there.

Love, Lori

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Cheryl, I think we need to post a big sign that reads "Whiners Welcome." We have all used this board for that same reason at some point in time. My husband used to be the same way regarding information. It was almost like if he didn't know, it wasn't really happening. When they used to whisk him away for blood work or tests, I would sneak back in and talk with the doctor. Maybe this technique would work for you!

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Thank you so much for your support once again! What ever would I do with out all of you! Hubby will be getting repeat chest CT and brain MRI in November. Hubby had x-ray and was treated for pneumonia 4 weeks ago because local radiologist thought that's what the spot on the lung was. CT 3 weeks later showed same spot-no change. RO told me to watch for symptoms and report to him immediately for the brain. I just want to scream, yell, throw things and hit somebody.

Whine and cheese anyone???


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I think its almost impossible to keep from getting the frustration and despair that we all feel from this crappy disease.

Im one of the most fortunate, (early stage surgery), here..as these things go, but Ive still had my bouts with depression, sadness and vented them here. Fortunately for us..here is great ppl...and understanding we might not get anywhere else. So post it all...good or bad, and we all understand and learn from it, while we try to help an support..Rich B.

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