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Half the treatment begins


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Hi All;

Just a quick update on everything so far. Started the radiation treatments on Wednesday. Seems like a big fuss for so little time. I get into the form, they line me up and then I get one dose then the machine moves and I get another. Takes all of 10 minutes. Fortunately the technicians are all nice and I can joke around a little. Had a scare on Monday. I woke up with a stuffy nose and couldn't seem to breathe like I was a couple of days before that. Took my temp and it was up to 99 degrees. Kept taking my temp all day and just before 3 PM it was up to 100.5.. Called the surgical PA and he told me to try and get an appointment with my Primary and failing that to go to the emergency room. Ended up in the emergency room till almost midnight, my poor wife was so tired after working all day and coming home to take me to the doctor. Ended up with some antibiotics. Not really sure what it is, but this is the way it started last time so both of us were kinda scared. Since then I'm having a really hard time sleeping at night. Guess I'm afraid it's all happening again. The ONC isn't to worried though. He just said to continue the treatments and keep him posted.


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Hi Ralph, sorry to hear that you had such a scare! Hopefully you just caught a little bug and will be feeling better in no time.

You seem to be on a similar schedule as us as far as treatment - just a couple weeks ahead! So, I am finding your updates so useful in knowing what lies ahead!!

Glad to hear that the radiation treatment went well...I hope that you have great success!

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I used to have strange fevers now and then -- haven't had one in a while (knock on wood!). Since my blood work was fine, the Oncologist figured it was just something from the cancer or the chemo that my immune system was reacting to.

Once I got my gallbladder problems all solved, they went away. Hopefully never to come back!


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ralph, I'm glad to hear treatment is under way and bearable. my mom has had those nights in the ER - like you, she's had some complications and those little fevers are scary! she still has it, from time to time. hang in there, it will pass eventually.

keep us posted!



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Hi, Ralph,

Hope you are soon feeling better and that the radiation treatments do the trick re any possible residual cancer cells.

You were smart to go to the emergency room. Folks like us (cancer history, only one lung) can't afford to take the "..I'm going to wait a few days and see if this turns into something worse..." attitude towards our health. Because if we wait those few days and it DOES turn into something worse we may end up so ill that we cannot be easily treated with antibiotic pills in the comfort of our own homes.

I think your wife is wonderful to have put in a full day at work, then sat in the ER with you all evening. I know how hard that can be. But I bet she loves you a lot, Ralph, and would rather sit in the ER with you than you have you become more ill than you already felt.

Hang in there....

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I never knew if I was having a fever for a hotflash! :roll: My body thermometer was all screwed up during my treatments. I was hot, cold, cool, hot, warm, cool, just no rhyme or reason to it other then the treatments. But, I'm glad to hear your doing a little better. It's not hard to hit that panic button. And it's ALWAYS better to be safe then sorry! I'm sure your wonderful wife will agree. ((((RALPH)))

As for the 10 mintues of treatment, I use to tell the techs during mine, "would you let me lay here for about 3 more minutes so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth?" :roll:8) We use to goof around a LOT during my radiation and during my chemo as well. Wow, that seems like many moons ago for me! :D

Gotta have a sense of humor, it sure is nice to pass the time with a smile on your face. Hang in there!


Keep us posted.



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