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Prayers needed. Unnoticed disaster in the making


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I'm not quite sure how to begin this other than to ask for your continued prayers.

While all eyes are on New Orleans and points west a disaster is unfolding that no one is paying attention to. I know about it because it is the area where I lived for so long. The area that my children and grandchildren still call home.

As in many cases when people think of Louisiana they see New Orleans and Mardi Gras. In many cases not the real Mardi Gras but the vulgarities that take place in the French Quarter much of witch is not even on the parade routes. Now people are beginning to realize that there is more to Louisiana than New Orleans but they have a long way to go.

The population of Houma and the small settlements around it make up a population larger than that of Lake Charles. The town itself is 40 miles from the coast or at least it used to be. I watched with my own eyes over the years as that land disappeared. Now there is actually only about 20 miles. Many small communities are clinging to the many small roads that go down into the area. Those towns are surrounded by small earthen levees. The cries for money to improve them have been ignored for years. Now they are paying the price for that neglect.

Katrina hit them hard. There was not much structural damage because they never got the storm surge. The eye itself passed to the east. Rita was moving west and that has caused a potential disaster that no one is paying attention to. The governor mentioned Terrebonne Parish in her speach yesterday but none of the news media picked up on it.

As Rita passed to the south on Friday those small levees were all breached. Water started to pour in and many people became trapped by the rising water. As of last night another breach was made in the levee on the Intracoastal Waterway. Water started to pour into parts of Houma. The hospital south of town started to evacuate and the main hospital in Houma started sandbagging to protect their basement area.

The sherriff pulled his people out of New Orleans to help at home. Some people from Arkansas with nothing to do in New Orleans went with them. That is the only help they have as they struggle with a growing disaster. They get no publicity no federal help. Prayers are needed because prayer and the help of God and eachother is all they can count on.

So far where my family lives is pretty safe. They live in an area north of town that is a little higher. Still there is danger because some of those areas have flooded before.

Katrina went East and Rita went West. Despite the fact that they had Katrina's 120 mile an hour winds they felt spared. Now they are wondering. As my son said yesterday with one going East and one West they now feel like they have a bullseye painted on them for the next one. That is where they really need prayers. There was virtually no way to evacuate for Rita. All roads East are severly damaged by Katrina. The storm was heading West. They were trapped. I have nightmares about another comming straight at them and no way to get out of its way.

The only one that I know for sure who is trapped by flood waters is my daughter in law's brother and his family. My son in laws parents live close to the area that is flooding now. I will learn later today what their situation is.

The people on this board are so caring and so compassionate. I know beyond a doubt this is the place to turn for prayers. God Bless all of you for caring so much. Lillian

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