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Mom Update


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Thanks to all of you who have shown me so much support over the last few weeks. I consider myself to be strong...but I really doubted my ability to make it through the last little while.....

My mom had been in excruciating pain and completely immobile. We suffered through getting her in the car to get to the center for chemo last Tuesday (definitely considered not going.) It was terrible. Yet, I have to say that God works in mysterious ways. I broke down that night and called a friend of my mom's who was a hospice nurse. I say "was" as "something" drove her to quit that very morning....and she says she now knows why.

We have now hired her to help my dad and me out a few hours a day. She immediately got a physical therapist up to the house to help with strengthening some muscles (now that radiation is over) -- and we found that an increased dosage of steroids is the trick for mom. She is doing much better today painwise.

On another note....the due date for my baby has been moved up to December 12...and she is doing great in my belly.

With Love,


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This is a good reminder to me that when things seem their darkest and it feels impossible to keep going on, something wonderful can happen!

SOOOO glad you found the person who could find the way to help your mom feel better. Hope things get better and better every week now.

Your baby has a wonderful mom - my step-daughter's first baby is due around the same time. Also a girl. Still lots of good in this life, isn't there?


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Holly, I am so happy to hear that you found a great nurse to help you out and the best part was that you didn't have to really look! I know this will be a big help for your dad. I'm also glad to hear that both mom and baby are doing great!

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Holly, I am so glad to hear this. its just amazing, when those clouds break and you get some relief, isn't it? I am thrilled to hear that your mom is more comfortable, and that your pregnancy is progressing well.

keep us posted, and keep up the GREAT work!



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That is good news Holly. I am so relieved your mom is getting some comfort. She should improve each day.

Also, what a G-d sent that you found a special person to take care of her. G-d does work in strange ways.

Good luck, keep us posted


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