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2 down...2 to go....Half way there?


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Well, my FIL made it for his second round of chemo today. From what my MIL told me, his white cell counts were good, but his red cell counts were low. He is a bit anemic, so possibly that is why? They are going to start giving him a shot every two weeks to help with that, and also may help with his fatigue.

His kidneys are hanging in there, basically the same as they were when last tested. Got another talking to from the doctor about pushing fluids!!

His hair started falling out, so last weekend they buzzed it really short - harder on my MIL than my FIL I think.

All in all...he seems to be doing very well. Please pray that it continues for him!

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Increase in the red blood cells - should help his fatigue. I'm having the same problem. My lasy chemo required a transfusuion, and this time (2wks later) I was just above the level requiring a transfusion 8.1 and under 8. requires a transfusion.

I'm also on an every other week shot of aranespa.

Good luck to Fil, hope he feels better.


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Tell your MIL and FIL that buzz cuts are COOL. They Really are. When my hair was falling out 3 1/2 years ago! my husband took his beard trimmer and finished the job. You know what, today my hair is below my shoulders in length and nicer that ever before! It's truamatic, that's true - but you know what - it's ONLY HAIR. Prayers for you all. Things WILL GET BETTER!!!!


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