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surgery cancelled


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Right off the top of my head, I think I remember that Andrea's mom had chemo and radiation prior to surgery. I didn't - didn't know of the lymph node involvement in my case until the pathology during the operation...

Standard procedure seems to be that if cancer is noted in lymph nodes, chemo/radiation come before surgery. I believe this is done to stop the "seeding" and possibly shrink the tumor. I would think odds of getting it all would be better after the smokin' and Raid hits the nasty critters running around in there...

Don't get too worked up. Really. If you are not comfortable with the medical opinion you have just received, it would not hurt you to get a second or third opinion. You may end up with three different doctors giving three different protocols - if so, get all the information you can so you can make an informed decision.

BE SURE, though, that if you are going to have radiation and chemo prior to surgery that those doctors administering the chemo and radiation KNOW that you are planning on surgery. There is such a thing as "too much". See if your oncologist/surgeon will be your general contractor, so to speak, to call all the shots and make sure surgery is still an option.

Good luck to you, it ain't all bad!



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Ditto what Snowflake Becky said!!

My mom went under for the mediastonoscopy. If a lymph was positive, she was to be closed up for chemo. If negative, surgery right away. This is standard procedure b/c they want to get rid of any microscopic cells.

Her lymphs were positive, so she was closed, had chemo for three months, then surgery.

Here is what concerns me with you--the radiation. Can you consult with a surgeon to make sure? Typically surgeons like radiation AFTER surgery, so it goes--CHEMO--then SURGERY--then RADIATION.

Too much radiation damage can make surgery difficult. Please just check up and ask about that. PM me if you have questions!

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For us, our oncologist did radiation and chemo to see if the tumor would shrink enough to be operable. The radiation did have to be stopped mid way for us to go for a second opinion on surgery. The tumor was still in a place where they could not get a clean field so they went ahead with the maximum radiation. Our onc explained that too many rads leaves the area unable to heal after surgery. That is why it is important you tell them you want to be re-evaluated for surgery so they don't over radiate you. As jimben says...you can still win this without surgery. Good luck to you.


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there are still so many options that are available to you. Give yourself time to get over this one. I know what it is like, I have been in your shoes. I was cryin' when I found out that I wasn't a candidate to have my lung removed. But, here I am three years later, and no cancer to show up anywhere!!!

I didn't know then that there were other possibilities for treatment. I might have done things a bit different if I would have known. Another protocol is "some" radiation before surgery (if you are a candidate) and then more radiation and chemo after.

I agree. Gather as much information as you can! You want to arm yourself with as much knowledge to make the best choice for your situation. We will all try to help you.

But, for today, as Ginny said, have a good cry. You deserve it.

Then tomorrow, get back up on that stallion and draw a sword, cuz WE are going into battle!

love, Cindi o'h

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I had the same problem. I had the chemo and radiation for six weeks. The tumor had almost disappeared but you have to biopsy the lymph nodes to know for sure. When I went to surgery my surgeon said that he was going to check the lymph nodes first and if he found cancer he would not proceed. Well he checked found nothing and did proceed with the surgery. During surgery he removed 20 lymph nodes. NONE of them were positive for cancer. Hang in there. Prayers for you


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