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Such a Good Dream


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I had such a good dream last night. Everything was as it was now... DH out, Carolyn here, me here instead of the Northwest... This time of year. But Mom was here too. And she wasn't sick. We were watching football games, and sitting in our old seats around the table, and she was smiling and having fun and walking my Mom's walk instead of my grandmothers as she did those last few months.

I was about to go out to a class, and I was trying to make sure it was ok that I left Carolyn with Mom and Dad... And Mom said, "Well Val... i'm here. I can't watch Carolyn..... but I'm here." And I nodded and went to get ready. And it hit me what she meant when I got back to Carolyn's room, and she was there... so I looked at her and said, "You're here!" And gave her a great big hug... Cause I got it. She's HERE.

And so I think she really must be here. And that makes me feel good. As did that hug. It was the first GOOD dream I've had about her since she died. The rest have been terrible nightmares. This one I think was a gift and reassurance to me, and I'm so grateful.

Just wanted to share.

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Val - that's so wonderful! I'm happy that you had that experience.

Katie - your post made me laugh, because that's exactly what I think about having no such dreams of Chuck - he was not a talker, either. Your dad and my husband really do sound so much alike.

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Val, What a wonderful visit from your Mom. I totally believe it was a message from the Lord that your Mom is with you and is so happy.

I had a dream about my Dad that I believe was a message from God. My Dad had passed away and I was going to see him. As I approach the room that his body was in I broke down crying and could not go any further. My Mom continued into the room, but I was crying very hard and frozen. Then I glanced at the room again and out comes my Dad. He looked like he was in his 30's, how I remember him as a little girl. So healthy and strong. My brother was with him and had his arm around him. They both had great big smiles on their faces. My brother said to me Denise look Dad is ok everything is going to be alright. Then I woke up. It was a very comforting dream.

Hold onto your dream!


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Val, my computer has been broke at home and I've just been able to get on line at work today. WOW! This was so wonderful to read! My mom came to me in a simular dream and she told me she was here too. There was such a washing of love and happiness that came over me when I realized it really was her telling me this that it was at that moment that I realized that I was going to be okay without her there, because she never really left; in a sence. I'm so happy for you!! That you were given such a gift! God Bless!

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