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My Mom now has pancreatic cancer.....husband Lung


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I've read some of the anguish here lately..my heart goes out to you all, and my heart feels what you feel. Life just shouldn't be this way.

Larry is continuing to progress. We do a PET next Wed. and then him my Mom and I are off to MD Anderson from this war torn New Orleans.

Yesterday we got the final results of all her tests, and I didn't tell her until then just beofre the Dr. came in. My heart was breaking and she said she was so sorry I would have to go through another cancer...that is "just her"..she said it is in God's hands and we are praying for the miracle we all deserve.

I have done the same research on this as I did LC when Larry was dx. She has had major heart problems in the past and we always watched that closely knowing there was no cancer anywhere in our family. The tumor is very large in the head of the pancreas, so treatment is pretty impossible. Although we will do everything to keep her comfortable and do chemo and rad if she has quaility of life and chance of more years, if it will ust prolong a few months, then I will move her in with us and hold her close to the end.

I have never wished I could die in someone's place, but I do now. She is the rock of so many..giving unconditional love, being unjudgemental, always the first there when someone has a need without having to ask her. She is my best friend, always has been...I am an only child...When told this news, her faith stayed steadfast, I pray mine can... I had called family and friends to tell them right after Christmas to ask for prayer for her..They have come out of the woodwork from all over so far visiting, helping..she wondered why so many, but then thought it was the holidays.

Please, if anyone can direct me to a true support group like this one for pancreas..I have searched, but can't find one. Please keep them both in your prayers, as I do with all cancer patients and their families each night.

I pray for all of us, and for a cure to this awful thing called cancer.


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I am so very sorry for the pain you are in, if my heart could break any more than it already is, that just happened....I wish I knew the words to comfort you at this time..Please know I will keep you and your family in my prayers for hope and peace..

God Bless You..


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Hi Stephi,

I am so sorry you now have another hurdle. I see how much you love your mom. I certainly know about mom's unconditional love. It has moved mountains.

You are doing everything right. Cherish all your time with her. Make her a comfortable as you can.

My heart goes out to you.


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I found these links for info and support for pancreatic cancer. Hope one of them will lead you to some good information and contact with some good people going through the same thing. Lots of new breakthroughs, it looks like!

We're with you,


http://www.cancersource.com/NewsFeature ... ntID=19730



http://www.cancersource.com/zones/cance ... seaseID=13




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We had good news today with Larry..He had a PET scan..no lymph nodes lighting up and the tumor has not gotten bigger or moved!!!!! yippppeeeeeeeeeeee...we are due some good news..they want to scope him though this week if possible to look at something at the bottom of a lung..she said it looks like an infection that keeps hanging around..

My Mom is the same although she is able to keep food down..very tired though and still very yellow.. Leslie thanks so much for the istes I am using them now.

Continued prayers for all our loved ones and positive light and belief in miracle healings..


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