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Getting to know you January 4


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I very much believe in them, especailly when it comes to my sister.

here is an example.

she was pregnant with my oldest niece (her 1st child). still about 10 days away from her due date. I was at the movies

with a friend of mine when I said

"my sister is in labor" my friend look at me like I was crazy. Well when we got home there was a message on my answer machine that my sisters water had broke and I needed to get to the hospital. My friend just looked at me as if I had 2 heads. Carley was born early the next morning :D:D

there are a couple others I have had, but they deal with bad memories so I won't share those. :cry:

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Yes, I believe in them because they have happened to me. One example: We were good friends with an older couple for many years. Then he had several strokes and was not expected to live. The hometown of the couple, where he would be buried, was out of state. One day I was looking on the computer at some plane flights to that city from ours and saw a very low fare for the particular weekend coming up. This was Thursday. He died Friday and my wife and the lady were able to fly there and back at a low cost. Don

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I do.

One example. For about 2 weeks before my big car accident, I kept swerving to miss cars to the left of me. They weren't actually causing me danger, but I sensed danger. (I really am an excellent driver)

It was becoming unnerving to me.

Then, a car really did pull out Right in front of me on the highway from a yield as I was going 65mph. I had to swerve to miss him and went into a tailspin and the ditch. I saved my life and his life and the life of his son. My back was injured severely, but I lived.

As I was reliving the accident over and over in my head that evening, I had that same strange feeling come over me, and I knew that it was premonitions that I had been experiencing.

After the accident, I didn't have those feelings of terror from the left side anymore.

Okay...on to Donna's site...

Cindi o'h

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Short form of my story:

When I was 8, my father suffered an extremely abrupt brain aneurism (I think that is the second time I've mentioned this today. Weird). We had no idea. We were at my brother's basketabll game. Dad stood up to cheer, and collapsed.

At that same moment a state away, my uncle sttod up, turned to my grandmther, and asked, "How would you like to go and visit Glenn a week early?" This was unheard of, as my uncle NEVER deviated from a schedule.

My uncle, aunt, and grandmother were at our house in under 2 hours. If this had not happened, my grandmother would not have been able to see my father again, and we could never have made it without my uncle's support.

God puts us in the right places when we are needed. No question.

:) Kelly

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I do believe in them but for years really didn't want to acknowledge them. Then it just got to be impossible to ignore some things.

When I was a little girl I had a dream one night. I dreamed that I was playing with a little girl on an old wooden trailer. It tipped up on one end and she fell of into a deep hole. Just a few days later there was a story all over the news here in California. A little girl named Kathy had fallen in an old well. I don't remember if they rescued her or not. I just know it left me feeling like I knew about it ahead of time.

Years later I had 2 dreams about fires. In one dream I saw my neighbors house going up in flames. A few days later one of my neighbor's house did burn one night but not the one I dreamed about. Another night I dreamed that my dad was in a bad fire. My daughter was 18 at the time and she was out with her best friend. The dream about the fire woke me up and when I saw the light was off I knew that she was home. The next morning the news was full of a story about a local hangout for teenagers catching fire. Six kids were trapped and burned. My daughter and her friend had been there only a couple of hours before. I have no idea why I dreamed about my dad but that left me frightened.

When Johnny and I first started talking again I had 3 dreams in one night. They left me very frightened but until his death I never realized that they were premenitons.

In the first dream I found him again and we were in eachothers arms then he disappeared. I was very upset when he found me. I told him that I couldn't take that kind of pain again if he was going to leave me. He told me that he would never leave me again and my dream ended.

In the second dream we were at a dance and he disappeared. I found him outside on a porch and he was having trouble breathing. I was very scared but he told me that all he needed was some air and he would be alright. Then he told me not to worry because he would never leave me again.

In the third dream we were in a hospital. His parents who are both dead and who I had never seen came to take him away. They said they were taking him back to his wife who I knew was dead. He told them that he would not leave me but they insisted. He told me that he would go with them for a little while but he would be back because he loved me and would never leave me. Then he was gone and I was overcome by a pain and desperation that I had known only in other nightmares until I had that same feeling at the hospital the morning he died.

I feel that those were premintions because of several things. Johnny did tell me that he would never leave me, he had breathing problems that I didn't know about when I had those dreams and he always wanted a window opened for fresh air. He said it made it easier to breathe. Sense his death I have had so many experiences that tell me that he is keeping his promise that I have to feel that somehow I knew all of those things ahead of time.

I think Johnny had them too. He got to the point that he was afraid to sleep unless I was awake. He told me that he was afraid that he would stop breathing and not be able to wake up.

In the hopital that last time when they gave him a new medication and it made him sleep too hard he woke up frightened and told me that they were trying to kill him with medication. As it turned out he was right on both counts. He was in a drug induced coma when he died.

I can't help but wonder if our sense of things to come and our total love for eachother is not why I had the dream that brought us back together in time to spend some time together before his death. I also wonder if the promise not to leave me in those dreams is why I have had so many experiences that tell me that he is still with me only in a different way?

So you see I definately believe in preminitions :!:

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I do believe in them. Last year I had 2 dreams about my dad. One was that he died and I even saw him in a coffin. In another dream the doctors told me his tumour was about 12x7cm. I remember feeling very scared. A few weeks later that is when my dad was admitted in the hospital with pneumonia and a deflated lung. My dad is still kicking around doing very well. I think those dreams were telling me that he would be okay!? I am still not sure. I never have any vivid dreams, so when I do it is weird. At one point I thought the 12x7 was to due with dates like July 12 or December 7, but they didn't.


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First off I have to say that I am so incredibly jealous... Donna you have the coolest job EVER!

I totally want to be a paranormal investigator. I watch tv shows like haunted, and ghost hunters, all the time. I've never heard of paranormal research as a college major before here in WI. but if I had I would have totally done that instead of boring old business and marketing. :D

I do believe in premonitions, although I don't think I've ever had one. I almost never dream that I can remember, but then again I've had sleep problems most of my life and am used to sleeping only 3-4 hours a night. So when I do sleep it is HARD. The few dreams I remember are nightmares and I try hard not to remember them.

But, I also believe in ghosts and think I have experienced one in a previous apartment Keith and I lived in. We used to live in an upper flat above an autobody shop. It was beautiful, old (built in 1912) and quiet (the shop was always closed before we got home from work and closed weekends so no downstairs neighbors). There was a door off the street for our apartment only that was a heavy door which was always locked. It locked automatically when closed plus it had 2 additional deadbolts that could only be opened by Keith and I. There was another locked door at the top of the stairway that enclosed the apartment. Right off the street door was the door and stairs to the basement. The whole apartment had beautiful old hardwood floors and stairways which were lovely but squeaked loudly. It was impossible to go up or down no matter how gently without making noise.

Keith and I many times would be in bed, or in the living room and we would hear what sounded like a door slamming downstairs and heavy footsteps running up the stairs with no reverse stair sounds. We would open the top door and there was nothing there. We got used to that and ignored it. One night we were both sound asleep. About 2 AM we both were jolted awake by the loudest banging on our bedroom door; 3 loud knocks. The scary thing was our bedroom door was open, and we could still see it shaking a little; no one was there and there was no way for it to have moved on its own. Lights would go on or off in other rooms that were empty, radios would turn on by themselves. Guests at our apartment also used to see and hear these things. It was all very creepy but we never felt like we were in danger. I just think someone wanted us to know they were still there.

About 2 years after moving out, we met up with our previous landlord who told us that about 25 years earlier he had a tenant who was an area cop whose wife left him because of his temper and constant fighting. He hung himself in the basement of that apartment.

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