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Hi, I am new my mom is dying with stage 4 lung cancer!


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:( My name is Martha my mom is dying and i don't know how to accept this. how can you watch your mother not be able to breath. They have tried everything even a trail that I think made her worst.Now one of her lung is partially calapse and the other is full of cancer!

Thank you


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Hi Martha,

I am so very sorry for your pain and to hear about your mom..You came to the right place for support and comfort..The people here are compassionate and loving..I will keep you and your mom in my prayers and if you need to talk,I am just an email away..

God Bless You..

Donna K

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Hello Martha,

Sorry to hear about your Mom,

you came to the right forum,

you will find support and also

answers for your questions.

You have to spend as much time

you can with your mother, painful

as it is for you.

She needs you with her.

Will pray for your mother.



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Hi Martha,

So sorry your Mom is so sick. There is no way to make what you are going thru much better...It is awful to see you Mom struggle to breathe...All we can do is be there and make them comfortable and tell them how much we love them. Peace and courage to you in the days to come...Janet

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Hi Martha: welcome to this group. I am sorry to hear of your mom's suffering. I hope they find a way to inflate yourmom's good lung. there are many treatment options available for stage 4 cancer. Whatever happens, you and your mom have my prayers.

Don m

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Dear Martha:

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom. I know you are beginning a new chapter in life. Just take small steps. Remember all the joys that your Mom gave you over the years. It all takes time, but the pain will ease. I felt the same way you do when I lost my Dad and now I'm facing it again with losing my Mom. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Pattie

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