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If I Win The Lottery...

Fay A.

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I've been imagining what I would do if I were to win one of the big money lotteries...

If this were to ever happen the first thing I would do is build a group home for Lung Cancer Survivors who are in bad relationships. A place for them to live in comfort and security, with peace of heart and peace of mind. Where they did not have to worry about being physically or emotionally abused or neglected. Where they would be cared for as they should be cared for. And where they could care for others in return...

If I live long enough, whether or not I win a Lottery, I am going to try to find a way to make this happen. You would be shocked at the numbers of people diagnosed with Lung Cancer (usually women) who are abandoned or abused by the very people who are "supposed" to love them.

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There was a woman who worked at Starbucks in Los Angeles. She was the one who would collect the money and go and buy lottery tickets for her co workers. One day the co workers were not at work and she went and bought ticktets for them anyway. She won and shared the winning ticket with her co workers who had not paid for their tickets. I always felt that woman won because she had a good heart. Faye you have a good heart too. I will not be surprised when you win. Not if, but when.

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What a generous heart you have :!:

I do understand what you mean I have seen much of that myself and it is not only spouses who abuse or neglect sometimes it is a person's child. So cruel and heartless. I hope you live a long time and see your dream come true. Maybe we can all help when you are ready. God Bless you for caring so much!

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Funny you brought this up Fay. I was also daydreaming about where I would spend the $165 million. I could figure out where the first $100 million went but had trouble with the $65 million. Just joking.

I thought I would check out who was doing the most research into a cure for lc and give them a big hunk of change. But I like your idea also. So when I win, I am replacing the tile in my bathroom and sending you the big hunk of change.

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I will be the first volunteer.

Brian and I met a woman at our Cancer Center who needed this. We stayed in touch and tried to help, but she was so embarrassed, she did not let us help much.

I still call her, but she won't talk about it.

I have entrusted her to Brian's watchful eye.


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What a great idea Fay!

For what it's worth, I direct a domestic violence shelter in my area. I understand the dynamics of domestic violence (verbal and physical) and it's an issue that stands easily on it's own.

Victims, who are also cancer survivors, represent a targeted population that is most certainly underserved. We don't depend on lottery winnings to operate our shelter/safe haven. We are funded by the generosity of our community, state and federal grants.

Have you had the time to research alternative funding? I think you are on to something here and there may be dollars out there to help. Let me know if I can help!

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