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Update on the Duke of Earl


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Haven't posted for awhile cause there is not much to post.

Of course I follow up on all of my cyber friends here every day. It seems we have had too much bad news in the last few weeks. Come on doctors and researchers let's get moving.

Earl is just shuffling along. Some days are good, some days not so good. Fatigue just will not seem to go away. His balance is crappe (that's French for crappy) He staggers a lot and shuffles his feet when he walks, which he does at snails pace. His concentration is the pits.

His last chemo was 7/14. Am I expecting too much that he should be improving faster? A lot of the times it is like he is a different person, although sometimes he is the old Earl. Sometimes he appears to be off in another world even when you are sitting across the table from him. Is this from the whole brain radiation? the chemo? the surgeries? the psychological impact of this disease?

We don't discuss the disease too much, he doesn't want to. He also doesn't ask the drs many, if any, questions. Somebody asked him last week if he was afraid (sensitive friend this guy). Earl answered emphatically NO - that he was cured of the lc.

There probably are no answers. My heart just aches for him. He is a very, very smart and vital man and I hope that man is still lurking inside of him.

Love, prayers and good wishes to all of my buddies.

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I know we want quick quick quick results. It has only been a matter of weeks and the Duke has really been through the mill this year. I pray that you see steady improvements. Believe me it took a long time for me to feel better.

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Buddy did that for awhile after all the treatments. The balance thing finally worried him enough that he started to use a cane just in case. He really needed it back then. Now he takes a cane with him but most of the time he carries it.

He made a statement this morning that three months ago he thought he was going to die then, but, since he took to walking, he thinks this has brought he out of it and he may have a little more time with me.

maybe yours need to get out and walk a little. at first i thought buddy was going to fall out there because his balance was so bad. he still walks a little, stops and hold onto signs, then walks more. it was not nor is easy but per him, he is positive that is why he made it to here now....

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My last chemo treatment was one year ago and I was still "spacey" for several months. I would stare into space and have a very difficult time forming answers to questions for people.

Like Ada said - you just don't bounce back from these treatments very quickly. And - - - -they all take a toll on the old body.

Hope this helps.

Sue M.

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I don't have the answers because I am still in chemo, second round, have been on chemo since mid March and even though I have done very well through it all I am shocked at some of the things that I have done. I have always had an excellent memory. I could tell you what you wore and what we ate on what day 20 years ago, good mind for unimportant details! However, since I started chemo I have forgotten some things that I never should have forgotten or would have before this, I mean stuff that I am very interested in and never would have forgotten prior to chemo and I am sure there is more to come. I would imagine it takes a while to bounce back. Hope Earl is feeling better soon

Bess B

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Hi Ginny,

Im glad you checked in with an update. If he is NED that is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! Give it much more time. My father is still in the middle of his lung cancer battle, but he battled lymphoma twice, and the last time took quite awhile before we saw that same 'ol dad again.

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Ginny, I am glad that you posted an update about you and Earl. It is so difficult, the toll that this disease takes-physically and emotionally.

When my dad was suffering from the effects of the fluid in his lungs-he was so physically weak, he would loose his breath just going from a lying down to a sitting up position. It was very frightening.

One day when I went to visit with my kids, I'd left them in the car while I looked in the window to make sure Dad wasn't asleep-I didn't want to wake him. Upon looking in, I saw Daddy...he was sitting in an arm chair in the living room-just staring into space. He looked so fragile, and so tired. He didn't even notice that I was there. Even when I did knock-it took a few seconds for him to zone in again. He would zone out, even when you were sitting with him.

I think that the emotional toll is affected so greatly by the physical toll of the treatment, and the disease. It all just is so connected. I think that is probably the case with your Earl. The chemo reaks havoc on the body, and when that happens, it makes it difficult for the person to be 'themselves'.

Ada and Don and Norme were right. It takes time to bounce back from such potent medications as chemo. I think that Earl will begin to have more good days, and the more often they happen-the more he will be himself again. Try not to worry...ok, that was dumb. Just try to remember that, unfortunatly, the fatigue, and psychological effects of the disease and treament are par for the course.

You and Earl are in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to keep us posted, we're here for you. Take care, Deb

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