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Getting to Know You - February 10


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When you get poor service or food quality when eating out, do you just accept it and pay the bill or do you voice your complaints to the management? Also...when service is REALLY poor, do you still leave a tip?

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I would only speak up if someone was overtly rude. as for the tip, I always leave one - if service is bad, a small one. if you leave nothing, people may think you forgot. I feel like leaving a bad tip makes more of a statement. that said, I was a waitress for years in high school, college & law school, and I over tip everyone.

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As a former waitress, I have some advice! Only complain if you want something done about it! If you don't want something else and will not come back, don't complain. I would only leave a tip if the waitress was apologetic to my complaint or if I know it was not their fault.



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Lucie and I both register any complaints right away with the wait person. It is almost always handled to our satisfaction, and we eat out a lot. Of course, most know us, so that helps. I rarely don't leave a tip unless the service was really nonexistent. But I do tip according to exceptional service, normal service, or poor service. Don

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Yes, definetly, I am paying good money to eat out and I expect it to be to my liking. If I have a complain I tell the waitress who turn will take it back and fix it.

If I have a big concern, the chef comes to my table. He or she usually are very polite and appoligetic and fixes the problem. Sometimes they do not charge me for the meal. Believe me I do not do it for that!!

I just hope they don't spit on my food when it comes back.... :shock:

I always leave a generous tip as my daughter waitress her way through college like, Aimee.

But will also do like Aimee, will leave a small tip to make a statement.

I only expect to be treated with respect like I treat others.

Maryanne :wink:

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Tips are earned.

Exceptional service can garner a pretty generous tip from me, but bad service... I pay a lot with a credit card. For bad service, I just round to the nearest dollar. Last year, we went to a restaurant and had horrible service and horrible food. We saw our order come up under the heat lamp and our server disappeared...never refilled our drinks and brought our meal to us cold - long after it had "come up" and was rude. I guess customers were an imposition to her...

Not only did she not get a great tip, I put a note on my receipt that better service equals better tips.

On the flip side, on a birthday trip for Mark to the Outback, we had a wonderful waiter, he knew the glasses needed to be filled before they even touched the table and was filling them. I tipped him $25.

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I always let them know if I am not satisfied. I do it politely and just say that I am disappointed in either the food or the service witchever is not good.

Tips are given at my discresion for good service not bad.

My youngest son did something one time that really said it all. A very bad restruant. Bad food and bad service. There was a questionaire on the table he filled it out and at the bottom wrote "here is your tip and I will give you another one, get a new cook and a wiatress who does her job." With that he attatched a penny to the questionaire and left it on the table.

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Sneaky perhaps,

For small places and fast food I do as if all

is ok

But in rated goo restaurants, I always write to the

director about what was good or what was wrong.

The tips are for the service, the waitress is not

responsable about the quality of the food.

Good service good tips

Poor service adequate tips but I tell the waitress

the reason (nicely)


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