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I'm so sorry for my disappearance...just had to take some time to "reset" and gather all of my thoughts and basically take some time to realize where i (and mom) stood in this crazy place we call life...But, here i am, back again.

I wanted to give you all a quick update on Mom but first i wanted to say how much it broke my heart to see the losses i missed while i was away. My condolences to all of you and your families. It makes me so sad.

Mom was on Tarceva for a few months and seemed to respond well. The second little brain met that they "zapped" is almost gone and when they did her last CT they had told her that even the primary tumor was no longer visible. But, because of that lil bugger in her grape, they couldn't give her a date with NED.

Shortly after that she noticed a lump on the left side of her neck down by her shoulder. Her doctors told her (without a biopsy) that they could almost guarantee that it was a lymphnode that was popping back up with some cancer that needed to be kicked. They stopped the Tarceva and put her on something else...didn't much matter what it was though, after one treatment she spent a week in the hospital (and a night in ICU) with blood pressure of 60/40 and a racing heart. They are STILL trying to get her levels back up...the stubborn things don't want to go back to "normal" i guess.

So, in the mean time, she and her med. onc. decided that since it was HIM who made her sick :shock: that they'd leave well enough alone until it was absolutely necessary to give her more chemo. The lymphnode that is enlarged is the only thing showing in her body for right now...but i do worry about "getting behind". But, she'll go in monthly for scans now that they're taking a "wait and see" attitude with it.

The good news is that Mom was there when her 4th grandbaby was born, a little boy named Patrick...something she never thought she'd be here to see last May when she was diagnosed.

Right now she's in Vegas enjoying a much overdue trip for some relaxation...Sue-style!!! :lol:

You all have always been in my prayers and will continue to be. I'm hoping to get back here a little more regularly, too.

With all my love,

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Hey Missy,

Thanks for keeping us informed. I will keep your mom in my prayers.



"Everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."

Romans 15:4

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Hey Missy!!!

I was thinking about you for the past couple of weeks and wondering where the heck you've been. I REALLY have been!!! I was ready to send out an APB or something, Don't do that to us, girl!! We WORRY!!!!

I'm glad Mom is good enough to be spendidng some R&R in Vegas! With all the disappearance of 'stuff' I hope that continues and she finally gets the GREAT news she wants. Did they figure what made her BP and vitals tank like they did? Now THAT concerns me, ya know?

Anyway, Missy, GLAD you are BACK!


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So very good to hear from you, Missy. I am so glad your mother is able to travel. She must be having a ball in Vegas! I'm even happier to see that she is able to enjoy that new grandchild. What a blessing her family must be to her. I have been thinking about you and am so glad you gave us an update.

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Welcome back Missy,

Wow it sounds like your mom has been through so much lately. I'm glad she is able to take a bit of a break here and get a vacation in Vegas.

I know you worry about her getting behind with a break in treatment. I completely understand as I often feel the same way. The only time I feel like I have any control over this thing and the only time I feel like I have some peace of mind and comfort is when we are actively fighting. But try and remember that sometimes a break from treatment is needed to build some strength so that aggressive treatment can be resumed. Enjoy this time, and feel good knowing that now, your mom is feeling good.

Warmest wishes and prayers being sent for you and your mom!

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