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Playing for a Cure


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First of all, I want to thank everyone for your support in making this event the success that it was. I can't describe the amount of joy I experienced seeing it all come together. WOW! We had over 2000 people pass through the halls of the school. The stories really touched alot of people. There was one lady that came to me crying because she has been suffering from a cough and she was so scared. I was able to talk with her and put her mind at ease. She is going to a pulmonologist next week. Many kids came to me to let me know how much they enjoyed the stories and couldn't believe what these people have gone through! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Awareness achieved. I also wanted to add that the highlight of the day for me was to meet Beth and Lynda. What awesome people!!!! You two have really made it all worthwhile for me. I truly hope that I will see you again soon!!!!!! My oncologist and his nurse attended and were completely floored. They had no idea of what to expect. The pharmaceutical representative from Genentech also came and we put him to work (HAHA). He also thought it was awesome. The Memphis Commercial Appeal had a very nice write-up in the Sunday paper which circulates all over Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Not one person had a negative thing to say about the event. That is amazing. We definately have a few kinks to work out for next year, but next year will be bigger and better. As soon as I get a date, I will let all of you know. Maybe if I get on it soon enough, I can work out hotel accomadations for everyone!!!!

Iis always amazing to see so many kids come together and perform. The bands were great and the solo judges said they were very impressed with the solo performances. All of the band directors said they would be attending again next year!

We raised around 1000.00 this day which brings the total to around $7000.00 in cash and about $3000.00 in other contributions. We were also able to cut our overhead about $3000.00. Very soon, I will be having a thank you note party with the volunteer staff so we can prepare the programs to be sent out.

Thanks again!!!!



Thanks again and as soon as I have pictures I will post!!!!!

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Hi Jamie,

I am so proud of you. I knew you would pull it off. Beth wrote such a nice post about you and how much your students loved you. She also said how nice looking your hubby is. :wink:

You must still be on such a high... Hopefully, next year some of us may be able to take a little trip to Memphis and may even visit Elvis's estate. 8)

Congratulations!! You have made a difference in bringing such a needed awareness of this dreaded disease. You must be so proud that your vision became a successful reality.

Thank you special lady :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Wow! You raised a lot of money for research! How proud you should be. I would love to be able to come to your event. Would be nice to have dates and plan to all meet up there. Thanks so much for taking the initiative to do this.

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Congratulations Jamie. Sounds like a fantastic time. My gosh, all the hard work you did, I am so glad it was such a success. I want to come next year too, I love music. Let us know when - I have never been to Memphis and the Hilton sounds like a great place for a "family" reunion.

Yea Jamie!!!!!


Nancy B

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Jamie did a wonderful job! My husband is a music afficianado and can be very picky. He really enjoyed the event. He said about several that they were recording quality. (That is saying a lot, since he won't buy certain classical CDs unless he knows conductor.) He also told me I missed two of the best ones because I kept getting up to take pictures of everything.

I met Jamie's family as well. They seem very wonderful and supportive. I enjoyed talking to her sisters. I love how loud the kids cheered when I gave the Laurianne's Hope award. I also enjoyed meeting Beth and finding out that we have a lot in common. I am going to post about it on the Laurianne's Hope blog as well, but I might not have it up until tomorrow.

My mom let me use her webshots to post the album. I put it as the top album:


Here are the videos of my speeches. One is for 1st and 2nd division, the other for 3rd and 4th division.

Jamie, thank you again for everything and let's make sure to keep in touch!

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I am only sorry I didn't get all the music stands. They were so awesome.

Jamie surprised me also. I saw a blog entry I wrote displayed on one of the music stands. It is called "Who Deserves Lung Cancer"[/url. I started reading it and then I exclaimed to my husband, "Hey, I wrote that!" :lol: Jamie said she liked it. :D

I definately plan to go next year again, and I think my folks will try to be there as well.

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Well...I thought I (my son actually) had done a pretty good job of taking pictures, but there's no way to improve on Lynda's pictures and videos so I won't even try. They are GREAT, thank you Linda and it was wonderful to meet you as well.

If I can be a bit of a show off though...here is a picture of my boys with "Bill's Story".

Also, I just want to tell everyone again what an incredible job Jamie and her students and family did with this fundraiser. And for anyone interested in going again next year...I'll look forward to meeting you!


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