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Dana Reeves has passed


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How terribly tragic for their 13 yr. old son and also Christopher's children. She seemed such a lovely woman and so dedicated to her family.

I have just seen an interview with a doctor at the Cancer Institute of Detroit. She was saying that 15% of people who have lung cancer have never smoked. Does it take a tragedy like this to bring these facts to the public? When will they wake up!!


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Her diagnosis became public one week after my mom was diagnosed -- I remember thinking - she is young, has every possible medical treatment at her disposal, was probably diagnosed very early, etc. I remember thinking -- "she can beat this thing."

I am so devastated as are all of you. So shocking that they were able to keep the struggle so quiet. My prayers go out to their son - I simply can't imagine what it would be like to lose two parents at his age. Hell, I am 38 and have lost my mom -- and it feels like the worst thing in the world --- I can only pray for this beautiful child and know that Dana is probably hanging out with a lot of loved ones!

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And I was so hopeful that she could become the high-profile advocate lung cancer so desperately needs.

I recently wrote to the American Cancer Society to ask a question about some statistics on smoking and lung cancer. My email has my signature line with my credentials and titles and so forth. No matter. What I got, instead of the scientific literature I was seeking, was a lecture on the risks of smoking! I wrote back to express my dissatisfaction with the reply I got from them. :x Maybe it made a small difference, but who knows?

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I found this quote from Dana Reeve and I absolutely feel the same way for my late husband, John.

REEVE: I made a vow to Chris when we married that I would love him and I would be with him in sickness and in health. And I did OK with that. But there's another vow that I need to amend today. I promised to love, honor and cherish him until death did us part. Well, I can't do that because I will love, honor and cherish him forever. Goodbye to you!

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