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I'm a Grandma, again!!!!


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On Feb.22, I got another Granddaughter. She looks exactly like my first Granddaughter(who is almost 3), except that she has dark hair and eyelashes instead of red! How cute is that! I just got back from MI on Sunday night. I was there since the 22nd, helping out with the BIG transition. At least, I sure hope I helped! I sure enjoyed it! I have two beautiful Granddaughters to be so happy about...Patty

PS Can somebody tell me how to get the smilies to show up?

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How wonderful for you. Babies are so precious. To get the smiles just click on the one you want under Emoticons--it should pop into your text. It won't show up as a smiley though till you hit "submit." Hope that helps.

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Hi Patty,

Congratulations Grandma. Oh how fun, you were able to give hugs and kisses to "big sister" too.

We just got back from Ohio...can't believe my granddaughter is 1 month old already. I'm sure my daughter-in-law is going to have a rough day tomorrow...little Gabriella was held almost non stop.



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