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Hello, My name is Tom R from NJ & I just found out that I have Lung Cancer..I am non smoker for 12+ years & was concerned about a chronic dry cough for the last several mounths..They sent me for a CT Scan & found 2 masses in my left lung.. I am post open heart surgery that went wrong in 2004 (they only got 2 of the proposed 4 & one of the two is with a defective symmetry bypass clamp)..I've been trying to figure out this LSCS format for 2 days so I called the phone number & spoke to Rick & Katies on their last day of vacation..It was wonderful to hear from such supportive, postive (& dedicated) people..I can't tell you how comforting is is to feel that we do not have to be alone in this..(Pics were taken last Friday at a wedding at Yankee Stadium right after I got the news) Sincerely, Tom [/b][/i]

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Hi Tom, Welcome to our group. Everyone here is very friendly and more than willing to help anyway they can. Being diagnosed is very scarey the first few weeks, but it gets better with time. I am not as good at writing as others here, so I wish they could see your post so they could help you feel better.

There is a little yellow box on the bottom of this page, that says "NEW POST", if you click on that and rewrite your message, then this will start a new topic just for you. It will be easier for everyone to see and respond. I hope you try this Tom. Hugs and prayers, Barb

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Welcome Tom,

I'm sorry you had to find us. I too am a Lung Cancer Survivor. You can read my Profile below.

Your going to have ton's of questions and I hope you'll stick with us so we can walk this journey with you. I have been very grateful to many survivors that guided me on this journey. It's not fun but it's DOABLE! :roll::wink:

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Hi Tom,

Welcome here. You will find so much support and knowledge here.

Iam sorry to hear all you have gone through with your open heart surgery and now this on top of that. :shock: Please know that LC is not a death sentence as there are so many here who have beaten the odds. They have come a long way with treatments, they just have to find the one that will work for you.

Please keep us posted on that they are going to do as far as treatment goes.


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Welcome Tom,

Sorry you have to be here, but glad

you found us.

You may ask many questions and you will

get answers and we also ask questions.

here is one.

When you got operated in 2004 did they

check your lungs capacity before the operation?

You will get many more answers to your post.

Don't forget to keep us posted.


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Welcome here. I just want to say that if you run into special issues in your treatment with your heart situation, I might be able to help you find connnections to info. via my connections with the Mended Hearts organization -- my dad (recently deceased) was a long-time president and member of our local chapter (got lots of his contact info. still around) and I happen to know the current president of our local chapter (my neighbor) ..... just keep posting your questions, and I'll do my best to support your needs.


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Hi Jackie,

Thank you..

We JUST found out after receiving the hard copy of the xray that there was a nodule in the left lung in 2004..As I transferred hospitals to get the surgery this report was not communicated to us..

How's that for a kick in the chest?


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Welcome Tom,

I am SORRY about that kick in the chest. You will find that MANY of us have had our own kicks as well. So the one thing most of us will tell you right off the bat is to be very vigilant and be your own best advocate.

Now that being said, hope you will be sticking around and sharing your complete profile with us. That makes it better to help you with your concerns. Also be sure to read the profiles of us here and the stories in the MY STORY forum.

Good to have you with us, Tom. We're in YOUR corner with you.


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yuck, tom. yuck yuck yuck. I'm sorry for that kick in the chest. welcome, you will get tons of support here. god, how hard that must have been - to get such scary news, then suit up and go to a wedding!? that's a testament to your spirit, and it will serve you well in the coming battle.

stay with us, this is an amazing place.



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So sorry about the kick in the chest

from 2004.

Now would be a good time to keep notes

from 2004 (those you can recall, I'm sure

you will do well with that) about all the

tests you had and the results, try to get

a copy of those tests, they will be a good

start to unravel first for your heart and

also about the lungs.

In writing you could also ask to have your

file tansferred to your new medical facilities

and have all those past tests reviewed.

Not to get new kicks but to know exactly

where you are and fight the sickness from


Here in Canada we are able to get all the

medical file including notes from nurses

during hospitalizations, (we pay only for

photocopies)and we learn more from that

than from a visit to a doctor.

Good luck and hope no more kick.



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Whoa Tom, So they knew you had a nodule in '04 and no one followed up with you? That's grounds for lawsuit in California. Some doc was sent the x-ray radiology report and didn't read it. They have an obligation to at least phone you.

Probably not something you have time to think about now. Right now, for the next few months, recovery will zap up all available energy. There's no point in dwelling on what if's, for now, just keep driving toward the future and focus on the positive. Barb

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