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Dads results


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Well - decision time - tumors are stable since Dec scan, but definitely there. Right and left lung - left lung ones are the ones that grew Sept-Dec. Even saw a soft spot on the right lung - one onc thought he even had a port - oh boy what are we dealing w?(he doesn't have a port) Dr doesn't suggest doing nothing, but did give us that option. Here are the options

1. Do Nothing

2. Tarceva

3. Alimta

4. Phase 1 trials - 2 options here - 1 is 3 "known" drugs but in a new combo (2 IV, 1 pill) - and 1 is a pill

Leaning towards the Phase 1 trials. Have to read over the info. Dad is nervous about side effects - right now he is feeling pretty good.

Phase 1 trial option

A - side effects could be flu-like symptoms. Will need chest port - Gemcitabine, Docetaxel, Gleevec

B - main side effects could be increaed cholestrol and mouth sores - Araid

Has anyone heard of Gleevec? Its one of the drugs in Trial A.

Will decide in next few days, but won't start treatments until early May (they are cruising in 2 weeks for 10 days).

Thanks for listening.


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Husbands cousin has been on Gleevac for 3 years for GIST. Gastrol Intestinal cancer. Doing very well on it, says side effects aren't bad. Good appetite, weight good, no nausea... Is this the drug for the Trial. Look up GIST and Gleevac on the net. Go to Google.com and type in the info... Lots of info there...

Good Luck,

Praying for good results whatever you choose..


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Thanks all for your input. Karen great to hear about your DHs cousin and Gleevac. I just spoke to my mom. My husband and I had discussed that the 3 drug trial was possibly the better alternative. I had told my mom our reasons for that thinking. She and my dad both read over the info and discussed it - concerns with regard to the Araid being too new, unknown, not FDA approved , and being tested for pill form at this juncture (DH suggested that if it was able to be available via pill they would have possibly tested that earlier on).

So it looks like tomorrow she will call and tell them they would like to move forward Trial Option A.

Thanks for your input.


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Best wishes then, to your Dad for this working for him. I have heard that patients who do trials are followed and monitored more carefully than those who do not do trials. This may also be benefit to him and your family. Many times they are better informed about home care and have an easier time of it than others who are not in trials.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy cruising M&D!

Cindi o'h

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Rich - sorry to confuse this in my writing - we are going forward with phase 1 trial - option A - so lucky us we are getting something - thankfully :). Hope it works :) The Phase II trial he was in before shrunk the tumor considerably so hopefully we will see the same if not better results.

Thanks for your thoughts :)


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Paula, I pray this works for him.

One day at a time, hang in there. Keep a positive attitude and make sure he keeps one also. That is half the battle there.

Keep us updated on his progress.

Good luck!

Maryanne :wink:

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