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Lucie have you heard anything from Tann (Teri)


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Hi Lucie,

I am asking you as you updated us last time. If just seems so long since we heard anything. Unless I missed a post somewhere.

I noticed that she posted just one post on the 7th of April and before that it was in March.

I pray she is okay and holding her own.

Maryanne :wink:

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Lucie has talked with Teri by phone and had a good visit with her. Teri had to go to emergency last week to get a lung drained of fluid, and her abdomen again as well. She is very tired, it pains her to walk and she pretty much stays at home. She will see the onc this coming week to discuss treatment plans. Keep her in your prayers. We hope to go see her next week, if it works out. Don

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Thank you, Maryanne, for asking about Teri, and thank you Don and Lucie for calling her and giving us an update. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about Teri and wonder how she's doing.

Teri, if you're reading this, or if anyone is reading it to you, please know that I am truly hugging you and praying that you will soon be well. I sure miss you and your posts.



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Thank You so much Lucie and Don for checking with Teri.

I wish it was better news. I pray for her to get her strength back. She is so brave and has been through and endured more than I can ever imagine.

I am pulling for you Teri, sending mega prayers your way. Please get well.


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Thank you Maryanne, Don, Lucie

for giving us news about Teri.

Big wishes that the news would be better,

wonder if she could get drains put in her

lung and abdomen for the fluid, my friend

that has breast cancer with mets in the lungs

has a similar problem and now her husband

is the one doing the draining and she is

feeling much better and only needs monthly

visit with the oncologist.

Will keep her in my daily prayers.

Hoping that TAnn, Lucie and Don have a

good visit.

Hugs to all


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