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Found out i have another small tumor in my brain. Neurosurgeon out of town until Tues. so have to wait for his input. Lots of swelling around the old tumor is causing vision problems for me. The onc wants me to do WBR since these tumors have come up within the last six months despite the temodar. The docs don't think there will be long term cognitive problems since i am not over 65. I have reservations about WBR. Please keep us in your prayers.thank you. God bless. pammie

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Sending prayers for the right decision and complete removal of those brain mets.

Have you had surgery to remove tumors. I have had two brain surgeries for one met each time. Last surgery was Feb. 2006.Has this been discussed with your neurosurgeon? Maybe get a 2nd opinion...

Hugs and blessings,


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Hi Pammie,

I had 3 mets radiated last July. They seem to have been killed, but there is necrosis which occurs in about 5% of stereotactic brain surgery. (wht can't I hit the percetages on the lottery?) Anyway, I have recently had some pronlems with my left leg which may be related to the necrosis and require treatment. WBR is one option but the radiation doctor and the nuero both felt that was not necessary. They may try mediacation or surgery.

All options are scary...but I think WBR has more risk, so I would opt for another choice if possible. Besides, I think my neuro is really good.

Keep me informed and good luck.


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Pammie I am sorry about the new met. My husband had WBR and so far the brain mets are the only thing that has remained stable. It was done Oct 2004. His only side effect was fatigue.

However, there are others who have had more side effects from WBR. If you are looking at one met, I would look into Gamma Knife or Cyberknife. It directly targets the met with radiation and little to no collateral damage.

I am saying prayers for you Pammie.

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