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Mom and I are going to Aruba...


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I can't belive it. After 7 mths, 20 brain radiation treatments, 22 lung radiation treatments, 4 rounds of chemo, loss and regain of her left arm and right leg, and a severe bout of phnemonia were off to Aruba. My mother is amazing! Seven mths ago I had a Fellow at Boston Medical tell me we would be lucky to have a few mths! I'm so thrilled that we have been given so much more. Even better we will be away together for Mother's Day. I get to hog her for myself for 5 days.

Screw stats! Were going to have Margaritis!

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Yes, yes, yes, Julie...........your Mother IS most AMAZING!!!!! Hope all the newbies read your post! Just goes to show how LITTLE docs can predict length of life, doesn't it? Have the most fabulous time! Enjoy it all and soak in the good times! Can't wait to hear all about it. What are you going to bring me :lol: ?


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