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Shirlies story


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I feel that I am lucky. My cancer was caught early.

In Jan while walking I got a pain in the left side of my neck. then my neck started hurting while I was just sitting watching tv. Figured I better go and see if there was something wrong with my heart.

Stress test came back fine. nothing wrong with my heart. The dr noticed that my neck was swollen on the left side, and sent me for an mri. The mri showed the mass on the upper lobe of my right lung. was then sent to pulmonologist. He ordered a pet scan. The pet scan showed possible malignancy rt lung. A large mass on my thyroid and a blockage in my left kidney. He sent me immediately for a needle biopsy of the lung after the biopsy the lung collapsed (very painful and I was admitted for the night.Biopsy came back malignant. Was sent to Moffitt cancer center and was operated on April 4 2006 he removed the upper lobe of he right lung. All lymph nodes came back negative.

May 3 had needle biopsy of the thyroid. I dont care to ever have one of those again. It came back negative. but because the mass is so large the are going to remove part of my thyroid sometime after I am finished with the chemo. I have an appointment at the end of june to see what is wrong with my kidney.

believe it or not I always considered myself a very healthy person. but I will alway be thankful for the pain in my neck without that they would never have discovered the mass on the lung.

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You are a very lucky person. When they find anything early it can be curable. They find LC on people going to the hospital for an operation on something unrelated and when the have the check X-ray for pre-admission they find a mass. Most of the time it is an early stage so it it curable with an operation.

My husband's was found when he hurt his back. It hurt him so bad they did an Xray and found a tumor on his chest. Again, they found his early as he had no symptoms. They operated and took out his upper left lobe and he has been doing fine ever since.

Keep us posted on your progress and welcome here. You have found a wonderful support site.

Maryanne :wink:

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Welcome. You have found out that pain can be a friend! I was to the doctor for pain which I thought was from lifting boxes ( was moving again). It turned out it was a tumor pressing on a nerve. I am a 8+ year survivor because of that doctors visit! Wishing you well. Keep us posted especially about the kidney.

Donna G

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I am so glad that they found this early. Cancer is such a blasted disease...it has a way of sweeping far and wide. Please know you are in my thougths and prayers. Your positive attitude is catchy, and we all need those!

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Guest LisainFlorida

It's good to hear that you are doing alright. I am still in the process of trying to get diagnosed for lc. My pet was positive, but doctors are not sure that is it cancer. I have an appointment at Moffit on the 27th of June. Who was your doctor? My appointment is with Dr. Somers. I am going to LRCC right now, but I think I would be better of at Moffit.

I also have some nodules on my thyroid and it is swollen, but so far it has not caused me any problems. I have a thyroid uptake next week to see about those nodules. I hope I don't need a needle biopsy.

You sound like you have handled this whole thing really well. I am having a hard time with it. Depression is kicking my butt.

Good luck in the future and God Bless


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Hi Shirley; yes you are lucky. I hope the treatment is going ok for you . Don't forget to guzzle the water and force your self to walk a little bit each day for exercise. You can always take a nap afterwards.

I hope the kidney problem is easily resolved and you recover quickly from your thyroid operation. A fried of mine had a similar problem with her thyroid. They did 3 needle bipsies. Each time it was inconclusive. She finally said "no more biopsies. Cut it out." She did not want to take a chance with it being cancer. They ended up taking out one lobe. She was out of the hospital in a day or 2 as I recall. It has been 3 years now and she is doing fine.

Don M

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