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Cogratulations, and best of luck with the move. Try not to be superwoman, that only leads to back injuries (I know I tried when I was younger, jumped off the garage roof with a sheet tied to my neck certain that I could fly or float with it)

We will miss you sweetie, and be thinking of you until you get back on and always praying for mom .

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Welcome back. Haven't been on for a few days. Sorry I didn't respond to your post. Glad your moved in and that's behind you. Now the organizing and getting ready for mom to come home, woooohoooo.

I really enjoyed talking to Sandy, she sounds like a very funloving person. I wish I lived closer so we could visit. Thank you Lori, I enjoyed talking to you too...

God Bless, prayers and hugs,

Love Ya,


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Things are just plain busy. Mom is being neglected of time right now and I tried to explain that we are tying to get everything ready for Friday. I have everything unpacked and put away, but I still need to hang blinds and pictures-the fun "decorating" stuff.

SF, brother and I have been getting along famously. They have helped me a bunch with the move and errand stuff. I am thankful as John is working too many hours this week.

I am worried about just SF (John and my brother are working) and me taking mom to the Dr. Friday, but she has to go to find out the results of the MRI she is having Thursday.

I think mom is ready to come home. She has a present to open when she gets home-Joanie (daggiesmom) sent her a nightgown. I have not opened the packaging yet. How sweet is that? I can't wait to hold it as it one tangible thing that I have from my LCSC family. :):P:o

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Lori I am so glad things seem to be working out without a hitch. And I am thrilled that you SF and bro are doing their share. People always seem to come through when you need it most.

I am really can't wait for mom to get there and out of that environment she is in.

So nice of Joanie...

Take care and good luck with everything. I can't believe it is finally happening... :D

Maryanne :wink:

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