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Mets to the ovary


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I was wondering if anyone has had or heard of lung cancer mets to the ovary. I have just had my ovary removed and that is the diagnosis. Both my onc and the gyn onc say it is unusual and and I cannot find much about it on the internet. Just wondering what treatment options are now. I will celebrate a year of survival July 7th and really did not need this.

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I understand your disappointment and frustration.

There are second line chemotherapies that are being used to control mets of nsclc.

I am not current on them, but one of our friends will be by with some suggestions.

What does the onc. say?

This is a good place to get your questions answered and support, so check back frequently.

Cindi o'h

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I see what you mean about the lack of info. to find on the internet about your situation. I searched around for a smidge over an hour today and came up nil on anything I would say directly related to your situation that could be offered up as a help lead on your concern. The best remote comment anywhere I could find was that if the ovarian cancer is really a secondary site of a primary LC cancer, treatment options should be the same as LC treatment -- couldn't find anywhere a direct mention of an LC-ovarian cancer relationship at all!!!!!

There's quite a description of the various types and stagings of ovarian cancer out there -- how exactly did the docs. medically define your ovarian situation -- what kind of tumour was it? I take it they found it malignant....more detail on the description of the type found might help (?).

Hopefully others will come along who have really heard of this......as cindi said, what does the onc. say about this? Please keep us posted -- we want you to see many, many more July 7 survivorship anniversaries!!!



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Oh Myrtle,

I am so sorry about your diagnosis. I can't believe this! Were they able to get it? Does it sound like it is a met or a new cancer? I can't believe it!

I know nothing about this, but wanted you to know I will be thinking and praying for you. God bless.


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Cancer spreads in the lymph system or blood system. Most common organs for it to set up housekeeping are the liver, lungs, brain, and bones but I imagine if it had a mind too it could stop anywhere and start to grow. We all have heard it in the Adrenals, thyroid. I imagine it is rare for lung cancer to spread to the ovaries but blood goes there too.

Donna G

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Thanks for all your responses. I did talk to my onc this morning. He wants me to continue the tarceva and will schedule another PET at my appointment on the 10th. He seems to think at this point, the ovary is gone and last scan in April showed stable disease, so I am good for now. It sounds like I will make it to my year aniversary 8). Will let you know what the second line treatment will be.

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Hi Myrtle,

I would like to ask about the Tarceva. That's next in line for my wife. Do you take it everyday of the month? ...and for how long? ...What is your dosage?

I've got to plan this out because her private insurance has an annual maximum on RX.


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